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Experts and thought leaders from the US, Asia, Latin America and Europe are set to meet on October 19-20 in a new edition of the “Reinventing Higher Education” conference, held by IE University in collaboration with the British Council

rhe15On October 19-20 IE University will bring together at its Madrid campus representatives of university institutions and thought leaders from the EU,   Asia, Latin America and Europe to discuss the current state and future evolution of higher education worldwide.

In this sixth edition of “Reinventing Higher Education,” held in collaboration with the British Council, the focus is on the role of higher education in shaping global citizens. A range of panels and round tables will permit university administrators, political leaders, entrepreneurs, academics, and  media experts to tackle issues that include how to take a global approach to managing universities, the impact of diversity on work and learning environments, the role humanities play in shaping global citizens, or how leading media organizations handle information related to higher education.

British writer, professor and philosopher Anthony Clifford Grayling, considered to be one of the world’s most influential thinkers, will be giving an address in which he will address the importance of humanities in the future of higher education, at a time when the presence of disciplines like philosophy, music, and art, appears to be dwindling in study schedules.

International experts that will be taking part in the conference include Fréderic Mion (President of Sciences Po, France), Jacqui Chan (World Director of Diversity and Inclusion at Airbus), Nigel Thrift (President of Warwick University, UK), Jacqueline Jenkins (Senior Advisor at the British Council),  Ahmad Hasnah (President of Hamad Bin Khalifa University, Qatar), Karen Sibley (Vice President of Brown University, US), Santiago Íñiguez (President of IE University), Cristián Larroulet, founder of the Development University and former Minister General Secretariat of the Presidency of Chile, John T.S. Keeler (Universidad de Pittsburgh, US), and Andrew Mackay, Director of the British Council in Spain.

The first five editions brought together over two hundred experts in management, policies and research in the field of higher education. The result was stimulating debates and round tables. The event also serves as a platform for networking among participants, all of whom are from the academic sector and leaders of change in university education in different parts of the world.

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IE University celebra un debate internacional sobre el rol “global” de la universidad

IE University reunirá los próximos días 19 y 20 de octubre en su campus de Madrid a un grupo de representantes de instituciones universitarias y líderes de opinión de EEUU, Asia, Latinoamérica y Europa para discutir el estado actual y la evolución futura de la educación superior a nivel mundial.

En su sexta edición, la conferencia “Reinventing Higher Education”, organizada en colaboración con British Council, se centrará en el papel de la Educación Superior en la formación Ciudadanos Globales. A través de distintos paneles y mesas de debate, gestores de universidades, responsables políticos, empresarios, académicos, y expertos de medios de comunicación abordarán temas como la gestión de las universidades de forma global, el impacto de la diversidad en los entornos de trabajo y en el aprendizaje, el rol de las humanidades en la formación de ciudadanos globales, o al tratamiento informativo de la educación superior por parte de los principales medios de comunicación. Read more…

  • IE University organizes on October 7th and 8th in Madrid the fourth edition of its conference Reinventing Higher Education
  • Twenty-four experts from over USA, Asia, Latin America, Europe and Middle East will share they ideas about the coming tendencies in the sector.
  • This year, the conference will have the collaboration of British Council in a panel about University System in United Kingdom.
  • A panel with the Universidad Carlos III Rector, IE University Rector and the General Director of the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics, will address the challenges of internationalization in Spain’s Universities and how to attract talented students.rheweb fb2013

On 7th and 8th October 2013, IE University’s International Conference Reinventing Higher Education will take place in Madrid.  Representatives from university institutions and opinion leaders from USA, Asia, Latin America, Europe and Middle East will take part on it. This year edition is called “Time for New Frontiers and Cross-Collaboration” and has as its main goal serve as a platform for academics, university CEOs, politicians and opinion leaders to examine the changes in higher education. 

Among the speakers we can find representatives from universities and institutions as the British Council, Qatar Foundation, World Economic Forum, UK Government, Fundació Getulio Vargas, University of Chicago, European Commission, Universidad Carlos III, University of Kuala Lumpur, University of Law, University of Leeds and University of Nottingham. The complete list of speakers can be seen at:  

This year IE University has the collaboration with British Council, and together they have organized a panel about UK university system, where the General Director of Education an Society of British Council, a UK Government representative and directives from Universities of Leeds, Notthingham and University of Law will talk. This discussion will analyse the changes occurring in UK’s university system, that reflects on the European sector the future changes that may be coming. 

The conference begins with a panel which will discuss the internationalization challenges faced by Spanish universities. The participants are Daniel Peña, Rector of Universidad Carlos III of Madrid, Teresa García-Milá, General Director of the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics, and Salvador Carmona, Rector of IE University. A group of experts will analyze the impact of higher education as a driving force for national economies and the growth of new training experiences by technology as the already known MOOCs. 

The first three editions congregated more than one hundred and twenty experts on areas like higher education management, education policies and investigation; this resulted in some highly stimulant debates about some of the crucial challenges on the academic sector. 

(Spanish Version) 

IE University organiza un debate internacional en torno al futuro de la Educación Superior

  •  IE University organiza los días 7 y 8 de octubre en Madrid la cuarta edición de su conferencia Reinventing Higher Education
  • Veinticuatro expertos de EEUU, Asia, Latino América, Europa y Oriente Medio compartirán sus ideas acerca de las próximas tendencias en el sector.
  • Este año la conferencia contará con la colaboración del British Council en un panel sobre el Sistema Universitario del Reino Unido.
  • Un panel con el Rector de la Universidad Carlos III, la Directora General de la Barcelona Graduate School of Economics y el Rector de IE University tratará sobre los retos de la internacionalización de la universidad en España y la forma de atraer estudiantes con talento.

Los días 7 y 8 de octubre de 2013 se celebra en Madrid la conferencia internacional de IE University Reinventing Higher Education en la que participan representantes de instituciones universitarias y líderes de opinión de EEUU, Asia, Latinoamérica, Europa y Oriente Medio.  La edición de este año se titula “Tiempo de abrir nuevas fronteras y de fomentar la colaboración global en Educación Superior” y tiene como objetivo principal servir como plataforma para que académicos, directivos de univerdades, políticos y líderes de opinión puedan examinar los cambios en el campo de la educación superior. Read more…


International experts from over twenty higher education institutions in different world continents met in Madrid at the conference on Reinventing Higher Education: new ways of differentiation to discuss challenges and new trends in the sector. It was the third consecutive year that IE University had hosted the international meeting, which brings together presidents and chancellors of universities worldwide, along with specialized journalists and academics. Experts took part in a series of panels to share their vision of the global education landscape with a view to forecasting the challenges that lie ahead for universities and to develop solutions. Globalization, the search for new ways of funding and securing resources, mergers of universities to improve competitiveness, and the focus on multiculturalism were some of the issues raised. Further issues addressed at the conference included new methods of student recruitment, the governance of institutions, the  impact of the technological revolution on the generation and diffusion of knowledge, and the unstoppable growth of emerging markets in Asia and the Arab world.

Speakers included Arnoud De Meyer, President of the Singapore Management University, Roger Goodman, director of the Division of Social Sciences, Oxford University, Annie Lin, Educational Projects Wikipedia, Kenneth Wong, Director of the Department of Education at Brown University, Salah Khalil, founder of the Alexandria Trust, and representatives of the World Economic Forum, the British Council, the Academy of the Russian Government, the European University Association, and Ibmec (Brazil).

The experts agreed that we are currently at a crucial point in time for the field of higher education and today, more than ever before, it is key to focus on internationalization, innovation, technology and exchanges among institutions. In short, participants insisted on the need to design and implement creative financing models and to generate knowledge to “reinvent” the university of this century to create a global university that is dynamic, entrepreneurial and open to multiculturalism.

The President of IE University, Santiago Íñiguez, explained the importance of the meeting in Madrid. “Higher education is undergoing some unusual transformations since the creation of the first universities nine centuries ago. There are many opportunities in this new environment, but also threats to those institutions who are unable to adapt to change.”

The opening address was delivered by Arnoud De Meyer, President of the Singapore Management University, who shared his experience in Asia and noted the need to promote a change in the existing models and to reinvent the traditional university. Meyer said the key to this change lies in addressing issues like internationalization and commitment to knowledge. Read more…

Oct in English with Spanish subtitles/Video en inglés con subtítulos.

Santiago Iñiguez, President of IE University and Dean of IE Business School, analyzes the challenges and new trends facing Higher Education, as well as the importance of “Edupreneurship”. These trends and ways of differentiation were analyzed at IE this week during the “Reinventing Higher Education” conference, which gathered presidents and rectors of universities from every continent.

Santiago Iñiguez, presidente de IE University y decano de IE Business School, analiza los retos y las nuevas tendencias de la Educación Superior y la importancia de “Edupreneurship”. Estos temas y las nuevas vías de diferenciación en el sector educativo fueron analizados esta semana en IE en la jornada “Reinventing Higher Education” que reunió a presidentes y rectores de universidades de varios continentes.


IE University in the news: Reinventing Higher Education

Written on October 31, 2011 by Roberto Arribas in General

International Herald Tribune. Article about the International Conference on Reinventing Higher Education with a photo of IE University published in The International Herald Tribune last week, with comments from Santiago Iñiguez.  Read more

The Chronicle. Article about IE University headed A Boutique University Infuses the Liberal Arts Into the Professions published in The Chronicle of Higher Education with comments from, Rolf Strom and IE University students Marcel Selfer.  Read more

Expansión.  The news of IE University’s position in International Herald Tribune ranking was the most read news article on on October 26.The paper featured an article headed ¿Por qué Navarra and el IE se meten entre las 50 mejores universidades del mundo? (Why are Navarra and IE among the 50 best universities in the world?).

Diario Económico (Portugal). Two-page report starting on the cover of the Education section of Portugal’s Diario Económico, which talks about the conference on Reinventing Higher Education held at IE University. Read more

(Spanish Version)

International Herald Tribune.- Artículo publicado en The International Herlad Tribune la semana pasada sobre la conferencia Reinventing Higher Education que incluye declaraciones del Presidente de IE University, Santiago Iñiguez. Ver más

The Chronicle of Higher Education.- Artículo sobre IE University “A Boutique University Infuses the Liberal Arts Into the Professions” publicado en The Chronicle of Higher Education con declaraciones de Rolf Strom y del alumno de IE University Marcel Selfer.  Ver más

Expansión.  La noticia del ranking de IE University fue la más leída en el pasado 26 de octubre. Link al artículo:  ¿Por qué Navarra y el IE se meten entre las 50 mejores universidades del mundo?

Diario Económico (Portugal). Reportaje de dos páginas portada de la sección de Educación de Diario Económico en Portugal acerca de la conferencia Reinventing Higher Education celebrada en IE University. Ver más

Diario Económico (Portugal).  Reportaje de dos páginas portada de la sección de Educación de Diario Económico en Portugal, acerca de la conferencia Reinventing Higher Education organizada en IE University. Ver más

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