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Fernando Fernández, a Professor of Economics at IE Business School, participated in the “Foro Económico” by “El Norte de Castilla”. His lecture was on ““How to avoid 10 years of economic immobilism”. 

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The third meeting of the “FORO ECONOMICO” by “EL NORTE DE CASTILLA” will take place on May 25th with a lecture given by Fernando Fernández, a Professor of Economics at IE Business School, on “How to avoid 10 years of economic immobilism”. It will take place from 09:30am to 11:00am at the Hotel Los Arcos (Pº Ezequiel González, 26) in Segovia.

Fernando Fernández

Professor Fernandez joined IE Business School as Professor of Economics in September 2009. His professional development, which reflects his personal interests, has led him to explore all the different Economics’ fields. He started as a scholar fully dedicated to teaching and research; afterwards he worked in international economic policy at the IMF, in the banking arena at Santander Group, in international consulting and as Rector of private universities. Within all these fields Fernando has kept a constant premise: his concern for economic and social development and for acting with the highest scientific and professional rigor in the formulation of economic policies, financial activities or business strategies. Dr. Fernandez conceives Economics as a science in the service of freedom and human progress. As a science, Economics requires empirical contrast, analytical rigor and clarity of exposition. As a welfare engine, it requires the participation of economists in public debates, in shaping public opinion. 

His research started in the field of Labor Economics, where he focused in the determinants of Female labor participation, investment in human capital and wage determination. He moved on afterward to monetary and international issues such as the inflationary consequences of indexation mechanisms, liberalization of capital movements, privatization policies, the relationship between exchange rate and monetary policies, efficiency and regulation of the international financial system, competition policy and the single market or education reform. Two additional lines of work have been the analysis of current economic developments and the internationalization of Spanish companies – its causes, consequences and strategies-.

His current professional interests focus on international economic developments, financial sector reform, including international regulation and supervision, the quality of economic regulation and liberalization policies.

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El profesor de IE Business School Fernando Fernández participa en el Foro Económico de El Norte de Castilla

El tercer encuentro del Foro Económico de El Norte de Castilla tendrá lugar el próximo día 25 de mayo, con una conferencia impartida por el profesor de Economía de IE Business School, Fernando Fernández, que versará sobre “¿Cómo evitar diez años de estancamiento económico”. La ponencia tendrá lugar de 9,30 a 11,00 horas en el Hotel Los Arcos (Pº Ezequiel González, 26), en Segovia.  Read more…


What’s in your wallet? / Qué hay en su cartera?

Written on December 1, 2009 by Roberto Arribas in Conferences, General

walletWhat’s in your wallet?

IE School of Arts and Humanities and IE of School Psychology are organizing a roundtable with the participation of Professors Rolf Strom-Olsen and Lee Newman. The recent financial crisis raises important questions about the role of money as a personal, economic, and political tool.  Who can we trust? Are governments too big to fail?  What does it mean that the United States owes China $800 billion?  Is paper money really necessary?  How is our money today different than in the past, and what will be the money of the future?  This is an open forum to talk about these and other questions in their historical and psychological perspective and to ask whether we are witnessing a shift in the very way we conceive of money.

Thursday, December 3rd.  15.30h-17.00h. Sala Capitular, IE University (Segovia Campus)

Qué hay en su cartera?

IE School of Arts and Humanities e IE School of Psychology organizan una mesa redonda en la que participarán los profesores Rolf Strom-Olsen y Lee Newman. La reciente crisis financiera plantea importantes cuestiones sobre el papel del dinero como una herramienta personal, económica y política. ¿En quién podemos confiar? ¿Los gobiernos son demasiado grandes para fracasar? ¿Qué significa que Estados Unidos debe a China 800 mil millones dólares? ¿Es el dinero de papel realmente necesario? ¿Cómo es de diferente nuestro dinero respecto al del pasado? ¿Y cómo será el dinero del futuro? Este es un foro abierto para hablar de estas y otras preguntas en su perspectiva histórica y psicológica y para preguntar si estamos asistiendo a un cambio en la manera de concebir el dinero. 

Jueves 3 de diciembre. 15:30-17:00 horas.  Sala Capitular, IE University (Campus de Santa Cruz la Real).

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