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IE University in the news: Reinventing Higher Education

Written on October 31, 2011 by Roberto Arribas in General

International Herald Tribune. Article about the International Conference on Reinventing Higher Education with a photo of IE University published in The International Herald Tribune last week, with comments from Santiago Iñiguez.  Read more

The Chronicle. Article about IE University headed A Boutique University Infuses the Liberal Arts Into the Professions published in The Chronicle of Higher Education with comments from, Rolf Strom and IE University students Marcel Selfer.  Read more

Expansión.  The news of IE University’s position in International Herald Tribune ranking was the most read news article on on October 26.The paper featured an article headed ¿Por qué Navarra and el IE se meten entre las 50 mejores universidades del mundo? (Why are Navarra and IE among the 50 best universities in the world?).

Diario Económico (Portugal). Two-page report starting on the cover of the Education section of Portugal’s Diario Económico, which talks about the conference on Reinventing Higher Education held at IE University. Read more

(Spanish Version)

International Herald Tribune.- Artículo publicado en The International Herlad Tribune la semana pasada sobre la conferencia Reinventing Higher Education que incluye declaraciones del Presidente de IE University, Santiago Iñiguez. Ver más

The Chronicle of Higher Education.- Artículo sobre IE University “A Boutique University Infuses the Liberal Arts Into the Professions” publicado en The Chronicle of Higher Education con declaraciones de Rolf Strom y del alumno de IE University Marcel Selfer.  Ver más

Expansión.  La noticia del ranking de IE University fue la más leída en el pasado 26 de octubre. Link al artículo:  ¿Por qué Navarra y el IE se meten entre las 50 mejores universidades del mundo?

Diario Económico (Portugal). Reportaje de dos páginas portada de la sección de Educación de Diario Económico en Portugal acerca de la conferencia Reinventing Higher Education celebrada en IE University. Ver más

Diario Económico (Portugal).  Reportaje de dos páginas portada de la sección de Educación de Diario Económico en Portugal, acerca de la conferencia Reinventing Higher Education organizada en IE University. Ver más


IE University and The Chronicle of Higher Education organized the 2nd International conference on Reinventing Higher Education: The Role of the University in a Global Society. The event was structured around a series of panels comprised of some 25 thought leaders, university administrators, policy makers, entrepreneurs, academics.


Monday 29th November at 4.00pm at IE University Campus in Segovia. Refectory. Conference presented by IE University.

The speaker will be Michael Wadleigh, well-known American film and documentary maker. Born in Akro, Ohio (US), his professional activity has mostly focused on independent cinema where he has enjoyed the praise of both critics and audience. Among its work, we can find the successful documentary on the Woodstock Festival, which became a symbol of American counter-culture and that won the Academy Award for Best Documentary in 1970. He has also directed documentaries around the figures of Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin and movies such as Wolfen. For the last twenty years he has devoted full time to several nonprofit educational-media organizations working mainly in Africa and Asia.

Michael Wadleigh will visit IE University to give a speech under the name of “Homo sapiens report: the Future of Humanity”. During the conference he will list some of the problems related to unsustainable development: in 40 years it will not be possible to enjoy the same kind of life that in the present and it will be much worse for future generations  as we will eventually run out of resources. Governments and private corporations are delighted with the idea of a 400% increase in the overall production. Their only plans in order to save resources are increasing the efficiency and recycling, but these measures according to reports on this subject would only mean a 10% of it all. These policies will NOT only damage the future of mankind, but they will also sign its death sentence.

Conferencia: Homo sapiens report: the Future of Humanity. 

Lunes 29 de noviembre a las 16:00 horas en el campus de IE University en Segovia. Sala del Refectorio. Conferencia presentada por IE University. 

El reconocido director de cine independiente y del género documental, Michael Wadleigh, impartirá una conferencia sobre sostenibilidad y el futuro del planeta en el Campus de IE University en Segovia. Nacido en Akro, Ohio (Estados Unidos), la actividad profesional de Wadleigh se ha desarrollado fundamentalmente dentro del cine producido fuera de los grandes estudios cinematográficos, donde obtuvo el reconocimiento de la crítica y el público especializado. 

Wadleigh se hizo mundialmente conocido al obtener un Oscar de la Academia de Hollywood por el documental Woodstock (1970), película sobre el legendario festival de música que tuvo lugar en agosto de 1969, en Bethel (Nueva York), que reunió a cerca de 450.000 personas y que se convirtió en símbolo de la contracultura norteamericana. 

Dentro de su obra, destacan además los documentales dedicados a grandes figuras de la música como Jimi Hendrix o Janis Joplin, así como su largometraje de ficción “Lobos Humanos” (Wolfen). Desde hace veinte años, este director estadounidense colabora con diversas organizaciones sin ánimo de lucro que trabajan para la comunidad educativa en África y Asia. 

En su conferencia, Michael Wadleigh disertará sobre sostenibilidad; en ella tratará los problemas relacionados con el “desarrollo insostenible”: dentro de 40 años la humanidad no podrá disfrutar del mismo bienestar que lo hace en la actualidad, es más, Wadleigh considera que la situación será insoportable para las próximas generaciones debido a la falta de recursos disponibles. 

Wadleigh asegura que algunos países desarrollados y empresas privadas se empeñan en aumentar en un 400% la producción, mientras sus planes para ahorrar recursos se basan en alcanzar una mayor eficiencia y en el reciclaje, una política que sólo supondrá un 10 por ciento de ahorro, de acuerdo con los estudios relativos a este tema. Según Wadleigh, este tipo de políticas no aseguran el futuro de la humanidad, suponen su condena.


– IE University has renewed its agreement to serve as chief sponsor and academic partner of the upcoming edition of Hay Festival Segovia.

– Japanese architect Shigeru Ban, Swedish explorer Mikael Strandberg, and historian and hispanist Geoffrey Parker will be sharing experiences and insights with IE University professors.

– IE University students will take part in the Festival’s press conference  and its team of multilingual volunteers. 

IE University and the Festival of Literature and Arts Charitable Trust have signed an agreement whereby the University has renewed and expanded on its role of chief sponsor for the 5th edition of Hay Festival Segovia, which will serve as an international platform to bring together over 100 writers and thinkers from around the world on September 18 to 26. Santiago Íñiguez de Onzoño, Rector of IE University, and María Sheila Cremaschi, representing the Festival of Literature and Arts Charitable Trust Foundation, have signed an agreement whereby IE University will contribute to the organization of the festival with experts, resources and facilities. 

Santiago Iñiguez, Rector of IE University, said that the University is delighted to share the Hay Festival’s commitment to bring to Segovia thought leaders with such a large range of visions for a global world. “The Festival embodies the spirit underlying the educational experience we provide at IE, and we hope that our contribution will further add to the enjoyment of everyone at the Festival.” 

María Sheila Cremaschi, Director of Hay Festival Segovia, underscored the fact that the Festival organisers “share with IE University a belief in the importance of critical through processes, coupled with a desire to showcase 21st century Segovia as being comparable to the Florence of the Medici”, adding a quote by Peter Florence: “For real change, let’s talk of dreams”. Read more…


IE Library attends the 8th Conference of the CRAI (Centro de Recursos para el Aprendizaje y la Investigación) on the application of IT (CI2) skills in the workplace

We would like to inform you that IE Library, through the assistance of its Director: Miss Amada Marcos, has attended the 8th Conference of the CRAI which has taken place at the University of Alicante on April 29th and 30th, 2010. 

This Conference is of special interest to the university community as a whole, but especially to those who give support to students, teachers and researchers and who would like to know more about the job prospects available to college graduates. 

The topics discussed during this Conference, among others, were:

  • Tools for the development of CI2
  • Information Literacy Resource Bank.
  • PRIMO: Peer-Reviewed Instructional materials Online. 

Access our profile at Flickr to see images of this event. 

For any further information, please contact: Read more…

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