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  • The latest intake at IE University is made up of 750 students, most of whom speak three to four languages 
  • Students hail  from 60 countries and have undertaken their school studies in a total of more than 50 education systems 
  • IE University renews its organizational structure in readiness for new development phase 
  • Lee Newman to head new School of Human Sciences and Technology 
  • Martha Thorne takes over as Dean of IE University’s School of Architecture and Design


Some 750 new students from sixty countries  worldwide have begun their higher education studies at IE University. Eighty percent of the highly qualified intake are international students who have studied in a total of 50 educational systems worldwide, notably, the United States, China, Japan, India, Scandinavia, and the leading economies of the EU.

“We are very proud of the fact that IE University’s student body now comprises more than 95 nationalities, drawn by our excellent results and international recognition,” said Santiago Íñiguez, President of IE University. “IE has consolidated itself as one of the most diverse universities in the world, with a model based on values like innovation, excellence, internationality, and an entrepreneurial spirit.”

Lee Newman 01Among the most significant developments of this new academic year, which commenced on September 2 at the Madrid and Segovia campuses, is the creation of the IE School of Human Science and Technology, which will offer programs in fields which include communication studies, behavioral sciences, big data, and positive psychology. It will be led by its new dean, Lee Newman, a graduate of Brown University, with an MBA and Ph.D from MIT and the University of Michigan respectively. Lee Newman is an internationally renowned expert in leadership and behavioral sciences who, in addition to setting up his own companies, has served as a member of the boards of many leading international companies, including McKinsey & Company.


Martha_ThorneMartha Thorne, the Executive Director of the Pritzker Architecture Prize, assumes the position of Dean of the IE School of Architecture and Design. Until now she has served as Associate Dean for External Relations at IE. Martha Thorne is an expert in urban planning and has a Master’s Degree in City Planning from the University of Pennsylvania. She has studied at New York State University and the London School of Economics.

Antonio de Castro 01


The new academic year also sees Antonio de Castro take over as Vice Rector for Academic Affairs at IE University. An expert in EU law, for the last five years he has held several senior posts at IE University, and previously served as chief administrator of the Council of the European Union. He studied at the Autonomous University of Madrid, as well as at Spain’s Escuela Diplomática and the College of Europe.

About IE University

IE University was founded as an extension of IE’s academic model to university education to offer innovative solutions for undergraduate and graduate studies. It has a student body comprised of over 95 nationalities and a faculty comprised of some 400 Spanish and international experts. IE University offers both Spanish and English-taught degrees in the fields of Business Administration, Architecture, Biology, Communication, Law, Psychology, and International Relations. 

(Spanish Version)

IE University alcanza 95 nacionales entre su alumnado 

Setecientos cincuenta nuevos alumnos de sesenta nacionalidades comenzarán este curso sus estudios superiores en IE University. Esta clase, que alcanza el 80% de alumnos internacionales en el campus de Segovia, se caracteriza por la excelencia de los alumnos, procedentes de más de 50 sistemas educativos repartidos por todo el mundo, como el bachillerato internacional, el sistema americano, el chino, el japonés, el indio, los  escandinavos o los principales de la Unión Europea.

“Estamos muy orgullosos de haber podido atraer a un alumnado  de más de 95 nacionalidades gracias a los buenos resultados y al reconocimiento internacional”, subrayó Santiago Íñiguez, Presidente de IE University.  “IEU se ha consolidado como una de las universidades del mundo con más diversidad entre sus estudiantes a partir de un modelo basado en valores como la innovación, la excelencia, la internacionalidad y el espíritu emprendedor”, añadió.  Read more…


Event opens on September 11 and runs from September 19-27

This year focuses on Spanish talent, looks to Europe, explores Arab culture, discusses issues such as the role of women in the arts, the future of the media, and particularly reporting on culture, as well as providing an opportunity to meet leadincontemporary writers, thinkers, and artists.

Taking part will be writers Antonio Muñoz Molina, María Dueñas, José Manuel Caballero Bonald, Jessie Burton, Sadie Jones, Tim Bowler, Emmanuel Carrère, Alaa Al Aswany, John McHugo, Rafael and Santiago Roncagliolo, Juan Villoro; artist Harland Miller; philosopher A. C. Grayling; former British deputy prime minister Nick Clegg; lawyer Miriam González Durántez; filmmakders Rosa Bosch and Angeles González-Sinde; and art critics Rosa Martínez, among others.

Journalists such as Juan Luis Cebrián, Bieito Rubido, Pedro J. Ramírez, John Ridding, Anne McElvoy, Jorge Lanata, John Hooper, Mark Skypworth, Martin Chilton, Antonio Lucas and the editors of the most important arts sections join this cultural and artistic fiesta.

hayfestival2014The HAY Festival Segovia celebrates its 10th anniversary, marking this historic occasion with a varied and full programme over the course of 10 days, from inauguration on September 11, and then from September 19-27.

This year focuses on Spanish talent, looks to Europe, explores Arab culture, discusses issues such as the role of women in the arts, the future of the media, and particularly reporting on culture, and provides an opportunity to meet some of Britain’s leading contemporary writers, thinkers, and artists.

The festival will be inaugurated by Spain’s international best-selling writer María Dueñas, in collaboration with the Fundación Lara, and will be closed by singer-songwriter Marwan, who will perform some of his songs and talk to Spanish journalist Benjamín Prado about his work. For 10 days, Hay Festival Segovia will provide a window on the world and an opportunity to hear what some of the leading figures from the arts scene have to say.

Europe, centre stage

On Saturday, 26 September, Europe will take centre stage at the Hay Festival. Four discussions organized jointly with IE University will look at politics and society within the EU, the role of women, the future of the media, and how Spain and the Spanish are seen in Europe.

The Aula Magna of IE University will be the setting for a conversation between Nick Clegg and veteran Spanish journalist Pedro J. Ramírez, founder of leading newspaper El Mundo, and now setting up his own digital daily, El Español, on events in Europe, Spain, and the UK over recent years.

Miriam González Durántez, a Spanish lawyer involved in the Inspiring Women campaign in the United Kingdom, along with Anne McElvoy, Senior Editor at The Economist and a specialist in covering global health, education, and welfare policies, will discuss the role women are playing in 21st century public life.

Change is sweeping the global media, driven by the new technologies. John Ridding, CEO of The Financial Times, recently bought by the Nikkei group, will discuss the future with Juan Luis Cebrián, founder of El País and president of Grupo Prisa, Diego del Alcázar, founding president of IE Business School and former president of the Vocento Group.

And to provide some insight into how Spain is seen by the rest of the world will be three distinguished journalists who have spent many years reporting on Spain: John Hooper, The Guardian’s Southern Europe Editor and author of The New Spaniards and The Italians; Paul Ingendaay, the Frankfurter Allegemeine Zeitung’s correspondent and author of a German-language guide to understanding the country; and Giles Tremlett, The Economist’s correspondent and author of The Ghosts of Spain.

British authors and artists

Once again, with the collaboration of the British Council, the HAY Festival’s global partner, a long list of some of the United Kingdom’s leading thinkers, writers, and artists will be coming to Segovia in September.

Among the highlights will be Sadie Jones, author of The Outcast, which has just been adapted by the BBC for television and radio; Jessie Burton, whose debut novel The Miniaturist has sold half a million copies; Tim Bowler, bestselling young people’s author translated into 30 languages; poet, playwright and presenter Owen Sheers; and Jay Griffiths, author of popular novels such as Pip, Pip, Wild, and A Love Letter From a Stray Moon.

Visitors to the festival will also have the opportunity to discover the work of Harland Miller, one of Britain’s leading contemporary artists. He will be talking to Graham Sheffield, filmmaker and former Spanish culture minister Angeles González-Sinde. Miller’s installation The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters will be on display at the Quintanar Palace.

Aside from a range of international movies, this year’s festival will feature the BAFTA 2014 short film finalists at the Cárcel-Filmoteca de Segovia. Read more…


Será inaugurado el 11 de septiembre y se celebrará además del 19 al 27 de ese mes

Esta edición apuesta por reconocer el talento español, acercarse a Europa, la cultura árabe, conversar sobre cuestiones como el papel dhayfestival2014e la mujer en la cultura, el futuro de los medios de comunicación, la información cultural y acercar al público español a prestigiosos filósofos, autores y artistas plásticos

Participan los escritores Antonio Muñoz Molina, María Dueñas, José Manuel Caballero Bonald, Jessie Burton, Sadie Jones, Tim Bowler, Emmanuel Carrère, Alaa Al Aswany, John McHugo, Rafael y Santiago Roncagliolo, Juan Villoro; el artista Harland Miller; el filósofo A. C. Grayling; el político británico Nick Clegg y el español Nicolás Sartorius; la abogada Miriam González Durántez; las cineastas Rosa Bosch y Angeles González-Sinde; y la crítico de arte Rosa Martínez, entre otros

Periodistas como Juan Luis Cebrián, Bieito Rubido, Pedro J. Ramírez, Jorge Lanata, John Hooper, Mark Skypworth, Martin Chilton, Antonio Lucas y los directores y editores de los más importantes suplementos y secciones de Cultura se unen a la fiesta del pensamiento y las artes

El HAY Festival Segovia celebra su décima edición y con ese motivo ha preparado un variado y completo programa que se prolongará durante diez días, desde su inauguración el 11 de septiembre y posteriormente del 19 al 27 de septiembre.

Este año, el HAY Festival apuesta por reconocer el talento español, acercarse a Europa, la cultura árabe, conversar sobre cuestiones como el papel de la mujer en la cultura, el futuro de los medios de comunicación, la información cultural y acercar al público español a prestigiosos filósofos, autores y artistas plásticos británicos.

El Festival, que será inaugurado por la escritora María Dueñas, con la colaboración de la Fundación Lara, y clausurado por el poeta y cantautor Marwan -que conversará con Benjamín Prado e interpretará algunas de sus canciones-, invita a mirar al mundo y a reflexionar de la mano de destacadas figuras: escritores, filósofos, artistas plásticos, cineastas y periodistas.

“Quiero agradecer a los patrocinadores, colaboradores, voluntarios y amigos que durante diez años, en los buenos momentos y en los de dificultades, han apostado por HAY y han consolidado esta cita de Segovia como uno de los más importantes encuentros multiculturales del mundo”, ha señalado Sheila Cremaschi, directora de HAY Festival Segovia.

Homenaje a los creadores españoles

De la mano de Acción Cultural Española (AC/E) el ciclo Trayectorias, será un gran homenaje a nuestros creadores y gestores que han recorrido diversos caminos que les han ayudado a perfilar su producción y, con ella, nuestra cultura contemporánea. Protagonistas del cine, música, literatura, artes plásticas, cultura digital, etc., participarán en este ciclo para contarnos los múltiples caminos y el papel protagonista que sus trayectorias en el extranjero han tenido en la configuración de sus carreras como creadores y cómo esas determinaciones se han convertido en un libro, una pieza musical, una obra audiovisual…, una actitud frente, en y para el arte. Read more…


???????????????????????????????La alumna brasileña Daniela Machado ha recibido el premio White & Case el mejor trabajo fin de Grado de Derecho de IE University, tras el acto de graduación de la primera promoción de Derecho de la universidad privada. Este galardón fue entregado por Juan Manuel de Remedios, socio Director de White & Case en Madrid, y está dotado con una beca de cinco mil euros para la realización del Master en Abogacía en IE Law School. White & Case  es uno de los principales despachos de abogados del mundo por operaciones asesoradas y facturación, y el premio representa una apuesta conjunta de este prestigioso bufete y de la institución académica para impulsar el talento entre los futuros graduados en derecho.

La investigación galardonada aborda las recomendaciones propuestas por la OCDE sobre los instrumentos financieros híbridos; además analiza y compara las leyes en este ámbito desarrolladas en Brasil y en Estados Unidos. Daniela Machado se mostró muy satisfecha por el premio recibido, que supone la culminación de sus estudios en Derecho en la universidad privada. Al acto de entrega de este reconocimiento a la joven graduada también asistieron Carlos Daroca y Yoko Takagi, abogados de White & Case, la directora del grado en Derecho en IE University, Soledad Atienza, y varios profesores de la universidad.

Daniela Machado acaba de graduarse en IE University y pertenece a la primera promoción de Derecho que lanza la universidad privada, formada por alumnos de varios países que han desarrollado su experiencia profesional en ciudades como Londres o Hong Kong y han realizado sus prácticas en prestigiosos bufetes de abogados y empresas como JP Morgan, AT Kearney, Nomura, Accenture, Clifford Chance, Santander UK, Cuatrecasas Gonçalves Pereira, Hogan Lovels, DLA Piper, Cisco systems, Garrigues, Stephenson Harwood, Taylor Vinters, Linklaters, Uria y Menéndez, Pérez Llorca, Neinver, entre otros. Read more…


Graduation ceremony for IE University’s class of 2015

Written on July 11, 2015 by Roberto Arribas in General, Highlights


An international focus, technologies as a differentiating factor, and an entrepreneurial spirit to help guide career decisions. These are the key features of IE University’s approach to higher education, as described by IE University Rector Salvador Carmona during the graduation ceremony for the class of 2015 held on Friday, July 10.

Today IE University awarded degree titles to over one hundred and forty five of its students from thirty nine countries in a ceremony held at its Segovia campus.  The ceremony was presided by its rector and attended by the president of IE University, Santiago Íñiguez, and the president of the Castilla y León parliament, Silvia Clemente, along with other key players from the city’s academic, political, social and cultural communities. The Class of 2015 comprised 82 BBA students, 16 architecture students, 14 from communication, 14 from psychology, and 19 law students. It was the first time in its history that IE University had awarded law degrees.

In his speech in the aula magna, the rector reminded the students that the IE University learning model complements the traditional way of accumulating knowledge by taking the university experience to a new level to provide each student with an integral education, which is so important during this period of their lives. He also underscored the fact that innovation and technologies are differentiating factors of the IE University model, and that it has turned the entrepreneurial spirit into a touchstone of their future careers. “We believe that this spirit and way of understanding careers is not only for people who want to launch their own business, but also for those working in business organizations, who should see difficult times as the ideal opportunity to create and innovate.”

The ceremony gave special recognition to the students of the class of 2015 with the best academic performance, as well as presenting the corresponding diplomas to graduates of the respective IE University degree programs. The prizes for the best academic performance went to Konstatin Conrad Baumer (business administration), Víctor Esquivel Moreno (architecture), Aylin Parla (communication), Leticia Belén Rubira Posse de Rioboo (law) and Katharina Hamann (psychology). IE University also awarded a special prize called the IE Student Award, to law graduate Ana Martínez Valls, both for her academic achievements and for her commitment, initiative, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Law graduate Chiara Bonfatti, from Belgium, gave the student’s address on behalf of all the students in her year. In her address she cited Aristoteles –  “The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet” – referring to the difficulties and obstacles that students encounter in the course of their degree studies, which bring their own reward in the end. Bonfatti said that she considers that she and her classmates are very fortunate to have had such a rich experience amid so many different nationalities, and to have received an education of such excellent quality.

The commencement address was delivered by prestigious lawyer Michael Reynolds, President of the IBA (International Bar Association) who currently serves as partner of law firm Allen & Overy L.L.P. Reynolds’s message to the graduates included key factors that have influenced his career, and tips that they will find very useful in their working lives.

(Spanish Version) 

IE University celebra la graduación de la clase de 2015 

Chiara BonfattiEl enfoque internacional, la innovación y las tecnologías como elementos distintivos, y el espíritu emprendedor como guía para la vida profesional son las principales características que definen el acercamiento de IE University a la educación superior. Así lo puso de manifiesto hoy el Rector de IE University Salvador Carmona durante el acto de graduación de la clase de 2015. 

IE University graduó hoy en su campus de Segovia a ciento cuarenta y cinco alumnos de treinta y nueve nacionalidades de las distintas titulaciones en un acto presidido por su rector y al que asistieron el presidente de la universidad privada Santiago Íñiguez, y la presidenta del Parlamento de Castilla y León, Silvia Clemente, entre otras autoridades académicas, políticas, sociales y culturales de la ciudad. En la Promoción de 2015 se graduaron 82 alumnos de BBA, 16 de Arquitectura, 14 de Comunicación, 14 de Psicología y 19 de Derecho. Por primera vez en la historia de esta universidad privada se gradúan alumnos de la titulación de Derecho. 

En su discurso en el Aula Magna, el Rector se dirigió a los nuevos graduados para recordarles que en IE University “tenemos un modelo de aprendizaje que complementa la tradicional acumulación de conocimientos con el desarrollo de una experiencia universitaria, de una formación integral de la persona, que es tan importante durante este período de vuestras vidas”. Asimismo, subrayó que  este modelo tiene la innovación y las tecnologías como elementos distintivos y que además “hemos hecho del espíritu emprendedor una guía para vuestra vida profesional”. En este sentido, afirmó que “no solo pretendemos que este espíritu y esta manera de entender la vida profesional llegue a quienes van a poner en marcha su propia empresa sino a quienes, trabajando por cuenta ajena, también consideran que los tiempos difíciles constituyen el terreno ideal para la creatividad y la innovación”. 

En la ceremonia se distinguió a los alumnos de la Promoción de 2015 que obtuvieron los mejores expedientes académicos y se entregaron los correspondientes diplomas a los graduados en las diferentes titulaciones de IE University. Los premios a los mejores expedientes académicos recayeron en Konstatin Conrad Baumer (Administración de Empresas), Víctor Esquivel Moreno (Arquitectura), Aylin Parla (Comunicación), Leticia Belén Rubira Posse de Rioboo (Derecho) y Katharina Hamann (Psicología). Asimismo, IE University otorgó un  premio de reconocimiento especial, el llamado IE Student Award, a la graduada en Derecho Ana Martínez Valls,  tanto por su desempeño en la universidad como por su compromiso, iniciativa y espíritu emprendedor. 

La graduada en Derecho Chiara Bonfatti, de nacionalidad belga, pronunció una alocución en nombre de todos los estudiantes de la promoción. En su alocución a sus compañeros recordó la frase de Aristóteles: “Las raíces de la educación son amargas, pero el fruto es dulce” haciendo alusión a las dificultades y barreras que los alumnos encuentran en su carrera, pero que al final obtienen su recompensa. Bonfatti dijo que se considera que ella y sus compañeros graduados “son muy afortunados por la oportunidad de haber vivido una experiencia tan rica en cuanto a exposición a diferentes nacionalidades y por haber recibido una educación de excelencia”. 

La lección magistral corrió a cargo del prestigioso abogado Michael Reynolds. El padrino de la clase de 2015 ha sido presidente de IBA (Organización Internacional de la Abogacía) y actualmente es socio de la firma Allen & Overy L.L.P. En su mensaje a los nuevos graduados, Reynolds les dio algunos claves que han marcado su trayectoria profesional y les ofreció algunos consejos que les serán muy útiles a partir de ahora en su vida profesional.

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