‘CINEMAS OF ASIA’ . From October, 5th, to November, 9th 

Every film at: Sala Ex.Presa 1 (auditorium). La Cárcel. Segovia Centro de Creación (old prison of Segovia). 19:30h. 2 euro. Tickets will  be obtained 1 hour before the beggining of the film, at Sala Ex.Presa 1  (Juan Carlos I Avenue). Seats unnumbered. Original version with subtitles

El Ayuntamiento de Segovia, a través de la Concejalía de Cultura junto con la Obra Social y Cultural de Caja Segovia, en colaboración con Casa Asia, presenta “Cines de Asia”, un ciclo que incluye seis películas de distintos estilos, desde la comedia romántica, al drama pasando por el documental-ficción o el thriller. Todos ellos en versión original subtituladas en castellano. Las películas comenzarán a las 19:30 horas, y las entradas a 2 euros (sin numerar) se pueden adquirir, una hora antes del inicio de las proyecciones, en la Sala Expresa 1.

Wednesday, October, 5th: CONFESIONES 


DIRECTOR:       Tetsuya Nakashima

COUNTRY:    Japan

YEAR:    2010

LENGTH:      106 minutes

GENRE:          Drama

ACTORS/ACTRESSES: Takako Matsu, Yoshino Kimura, Masaki Okada, Yukito Nishii, Kaoru Fujiwara, Hirofumi Arai.                  

On the last day of school, a teacher (Takako Matsu) says goodbye to her students announcing that she leaves the school, but before she makes a confession: her four years old daughter, drown recently at a pool of the school, was actually assassinated by two students of the class. And, she adds, she has already put into motion her revenge against them.  Japan Academy Awards indisputable winner, the film not Orly convenced the critics, but also the audience; It represented Japan for the 2011 Oscars, inside the Best Foreing Language Film category.  Trailer

Tuesday, October, 11th:  TODO SOBRE EL AMOR

“Duk haan chau faan”, ALL ABOUT LOVE


COUNTRY:    Hong Kong 

YEAR:    2010

LENGTH:      105 minutes

GENRE:          Romantic Drama

ACTORS/ACTRESSES: Sandra Ng Kwan Yue, Vivian Chow, Siu-Fai Cheung, William Chan Wai-Ting 

Easy going and irreverente screwball comedy, where bisexuality and lesbianism are common. Two women, who have been couple in the past, realise that are in love with each other when they are pregnant, both because of heterosexual affaires.  Trailer

Wednesday, October, 19th: MADRE 

“Madeo”, MOTHER

DIRECTOR:       Bong Joon Ho 

COUNTRY:    South Korea 

YEAR:    2009

LENGTH:      128 minutes

GENRE: Thriller

ACTORS/ACTRESSES: Bin Won, Hye-ja Kim, Ku Jin       

 A mother (Hye-ja Kim) fights to prove her son´s innocence, acussed of killing a young girl after the school, in his way home. The mother starts her own investigation, challenging the wrong local police conclusions.  “Mother” was premiered at 2009 Cannes Festival. It was the most seen Korean film in 2010, and, inthat same year, was cosen by Sotuh Kore as the film to represent the country at the Oscars Best Foreing Language Film category. The film was awarded best film, best actress and best script at Hong Kong Cinema Festival.  Trailer

Wednesday, October, 26th:  OJALÁ SUPIERA 

“Shang hai chuan qi”, I WISH I KNEW

DIRECTOR:       Jia Zhangke 

COUNTRY:    China 

YEAR:    2010

LENGTH:      125 minutes

GENRE: Documental – Fiction

ACTORS/ACTRESSES: Hou Hsiao-hsien, Lee Chia-Tung, Rebecca Pan, Wang Toon, Wang Xiaohe.                  

Jia Zhangke proposes us a journey to Shangai, from 30’s to now. Like in his previous works, he proposes us an exploration to the landscapes transformations and to the personal experiences symbolisms. Through 18 interviewed, Jia builts a story about Shangai where personal experiences shhow how the city is since 1930´s, an strategic bridge and a place for economic and symbolic exchanges. Intimate confessions, archive material, others directors films fragments like Wang Tung, Hou Hsiao-Hsien and Wang Bing are mixed to re-build the collective memory of a society in fast changing. Trailer

Wednesday, November, 2nd:  PINOY SUNDAY

“Tai bei xing qi tian” PINOY SUNDAY

DIRECTOR:       Wi Ding Ho

COUNTRY:    Philippines – Taiwan

YEAR:    2010

LENGTH:      84 minutes

GENRE: Comedia

ACTORS/ACTRESSES: Bayani Agbayani, Epy Quezon, Nor Domingo, Dave Ronald Chang, Meryll Soriano, Alessandra de Rossi 

The discovering of a battered sofa at Taipei transforms a Sunday routine ina funny adventure of perseverance and self-discovering for two Philippines workers in Taiwan: Manuel and Dado. In a kind way, the film offers itself as a small door oponed to know the lives and motivations of many migrants workers living in the industrialized Asian countries. Trailer

Wednesday, November, 9th:  LA MONTAÑA DE BUDA 


“Guan yin shan”, BUDDHA MOUNTAIN


COUNTRY:    China

YEAR:    2011

LENGTH:      125 minutes

GENRE: Action – Drama

ACTORS/ACTRESSES: Li Fang, Bing bing Fan , Sylvia Chang, Zhenjiang Bao. 

Filmed at Chengdu, capital of the Sichuan province —scenery of one of the most violent earthquakes in the history, ocurred in 2008— the film shows the relationship that grows between three friends and their landlord, an old Chinese opera star. Through moments of drama and comedy, the film reveals today´s motivations and the characters past, weaving a net of which the spectator will be hard to escape. Brilliant, emocional, with an excellent sript and a good chemistry between the four actors. Prize to the best artistic contribution and best leading actress for Bing bing Fan at 23th International Cinema Festival of Tokio edition.  Trailer


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