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Vargas llosa640px-Jean-Marie_Gustave_Le_Clézio-press_conference_Dec_06th,_2008-2Big names in the worlds of literature, art, architecture and journalism will be in Segovia for a new edition of the Hay Festival, set to take place on September 20 – 28. Over fifty creators will come together at Hay Festival Segovia to take part in debates, conversations, concerts and exhibitions of visual arts held in a range of venues of the Castilian city, declared a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1985.

For the sixth consecutive year IE University will be the Festival’s key partner and sponsor. The University will host some of the main events, welcoming creators of world renown to its campus to take part in this international festival of ideas, art and thought, including key players from the worlds of literature, gastronomy, education and politics. IE University has organized some fourteen events, with the active participation of its professors and experts, who will be playing a key role in activities related directly to their fields of expertise. The activities in question will be centered around key areas of university education that include architecture, communication, humanities, international relations and law.

Presentacion Hay Festival IEOn Saturday, September 20, the Festival will kick off in IE University’s Aula Magna, with a debate organized by IE University and El País, centered on the changes that have taken place in Europe since the First World War. Participants in this opening debate will include the editors of newspapers The Guardian, La Repubblica, El País, Tages-Anzeiger and La Gazeta Wyborcza, with the presence of the UK Ambassador, Simon Manley, and the President of IE University, Santiago Íñiguez. On Saturday, September 27, the day when most of the main events will take place, IE University will be hosting seven important debates, with participants that include Nobel Prizewinners Mario Vargas Llosa and Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio, chef Ferran Adrià, UK politician Chris Patten, and writer Javier Marías.

IE University will also be running events in collaboration with media organizations ABC, Marca and Elle magazine. Some of the big names that will be taking part include Michael Steinberg, Director of Humanities at Brown University, journalist Don Guttenplan, Paul Smith, Director of the British Council in the US, historians Manuel Lucena and Felipe Fernandez-Armesto, Honorary President of the Loewe Foundation Enrique Loewe Lynch, José Carlos Martínez, Artistic Director of Spain’s National Dance Company, writer and former footballer Jorge Valdano, Óscar Campillo, Director of Marca, journalist Santiago Segurola, television presenters Marta Fernández (Noticias Cuatro) and Sandra Barneda (Telecinco), Antonio Fernández, General Director of International Trade and Investment at Spain’s Ministry of Finance and Competitiveness, Fidel Sendagorta, Secretary General of the US Spain Council Foundation, international landscape artist Martha Schwartz, imperial Prince Georg Von Habsburg, author Peter Esterházy, and Professor Arpad Von Lazar.

Program Hay Festival Segovia 2014


Hay Festival Segovia activities at IE University:


Saturday 20 September 2014

Launch of the ninth Hay Festival Segovia

Event 46Saturday 20 September 2014, 6.45pm–9pmVenue: Aula Magna, Campus de Santa Cruz La Real–IE University

Ian Traynor, Guillermo Altares, Paolo Rumiz, Oliver Meiler and Adam Michnik in conversation with Ignacio Torreblanca


Thursday 25 September 2014

José Carlos Martínez, Enrique Loewe Lynch and Julieta Martialay

Event 4Thursday 25 September 2014, 8.15pmVenue: San Juan de los Caballeros

​The art of dance and other cultural luxuries


Friday 26 September 2014

Marta_Fernández_VázquezABC/IE Workshop

Event 7Friday 26 September 2014, 12pm – 1.30pmVenue: Sala Capitular, Campus de Santa Cruz la Real

Novels and Journalists: Real Fictions


Earl H Fry, Antonio Fernández-Martos and Fidel Sendagorta talk to Marco Benito

Event 56Friday 26 September 2014, 1pmVenue: Aula 142, Campus de Santa Cruz la Real–IE University

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Agreement (T-TIP): A positive step for business between Europe and the USA


Jorge Valdano, Óscar Campillo, Santiago Segurola and Eduardo Fernández-Cantelli

Event 59Friday 26 September 2014, 6pmVenue: San Juan de los Caballeros

Tribute to Alfredo Di Stéfano: The embodiment of everything positive about football


MarthaSchwartz_B+WMartha Schwartz in conversation with Martha Thorne

Event 14Friday 26 September 2014, 8.30pmVenue: San Juan de los Caballeros

Beyond bricks and mortar: Landscape, art and architecture for liveable cities


Saturday 27 September 2014


Manuel Lucena and Felipe Fernández-Armesto in conversation with Arantza de Areilza

Event 19Saturday 27 September 2014, 11amVenue: Sala Refectorio, Campus de Santa Cruz la Real–IE University

New Prospects for Europe, the West and the Global Village


Michael Steinberg and Paul Smith in conversation with DD Guttenplan

Event 22Saturday 27 September 2014, 12pmVenue: Aula Magna, Campus de Santa Cruz La Real–IE University

Global Issues Cannot be Resolved Without the Humanities


Chris PattenChris Patten, Santiago Iñiguez and Javier Moreno

Event 27Saturday 27 September 2014, 1.30pmVenue: Aula Magna, Campus de Santa Cruz La Real-IE University

Europe, Innovation and Education


Charity Lunch: Lord Patten of Barnes in conversation with Peter Florence

Event 62Saturday 27 September 2014, 2.45pmVenue: Sala Capitular, Campus de Santa Cruz la Real – IE University

A Front-row Spectator of Globalization


adria_V_®arduino-vanucchiFerran Adrià in conversation with Jesús Ruiz Mantilla

Event 66Saturday 27 September 2014, 4,15pmVenue: Aula Magna, Campus de Santa Cruz La Real–IE University




Vargas llosaMario Vargas Llosa and JMG Le Clézio

Event 31Saturday 27 September 2014, 5.30pmVenue: Aula Magna, Campus de Santa Cruz La Real-IE University

Two Literature Nobel laureates (from 2010 and 2008 respectively) talk about their literary careers. Chaired by the writer Carlos Granés.


Javier Marías in conversation with Paul Ingendaay

Event 67Saturday 27 September 2014, 8.30pmVenue: Aula Magna, Campus de Santa Cruz La Real–IE University


Sunday 28 September 2014

Jorge de HabsburgoPéter Esterházy, Georg von Habsburg and Arpad Von Lazar

Event 42Sunday 28 September 2014, 1.30pmVenue: Capilla del Museo Esteban Vicente




Ferran Adrià to talk about innovation at Hay Festival Segovia 2014

Written on September 3, 2014 by Roberto Arribas in Highlights

ferran_auditorioThe revolutionary chef will be talking with journalist Jesús Ruiz Mantilla about his future projects, research and creativity on September 27 in IE University’s Aula Magna.

This year’s Festival will focus on innovation, creativity, design, art and architecture, with further guest speakers who will include Martha Thorne, Martha Schwartz, Norman Foster, Mauricio Vicent, David Trueba and Ivorypress Director Elena Ochoa Foster.

The Telefonica Foundation and Hay Festival have publicly announced that guest speakers at the upcoming edition of the festival set to take place on September 25-28 in Segovia will include top chef Ferran Adrià.

Adrià is convinced that anyone can be an innovator, no matter what sector they work in.  The chef recently joined forces with the Telefonica Foundation to work on a new project centered on Auditing the Creative Process, which will culminate in a major exhibition in October where the Catalan chef will explore the variables that play a role in helping each person find their creative side and achieve maximum effectiveness.

In this ninth edition of Hay Festival Segovia Adrià will be talking with Jesús Ruiz Mantilla, writer and journalist of leading Spanish daily El País, on September 27 at 7pm, at IE’s Santa Cruz la Real campus in Segovia. This year’s Festival will start on September 20 and close on September 28, and will also enjoy the support of the Telefonica Foundation.

One of the key projects Ferran Adrià will be talking about in Segovia is the exhibition set to open at the end of October. It will be held at the Telefonica Foundation Offices and will enjoy the collaboration of Palau Robert, serving as a platform to explore the creative universe of Ferran Adria and the ElBulli team.

Focus on Innovation, Creativity, Design, Architecture and Art at Hay Festival Segovia 

norman_fosterFurther big names will be joining Ferrán Adrià on stage at Hay Festival Segovia to promote the importance of creativity. Martha Thorne, Director of the Pritzker Architecture Prize and Associate Dean for External Relations at IE School of Architecture and Design, will be talking about landscapes, art and architecture with renowned American landscape architect Martha Schwartz on Friday, September 26.

From September 20 to 28 Ivorypress will be present in Hay Festival Segovia with a temporary bookshop housed in Segovia’s Quintanar Palace where all its publications can be found in addition to further selected books on photography, art and architecture.

The Festival will also feature the launch by Ivorypress of the book Havana. Autos and Architecture. The presentation of the book, which is based on the trips of British architect Norman Foster to the Cuban capital and his fascination with Cuba’s deep relationship with classic cars, will take place on September 28 at 12 noon at the San Juan de los Caballeros Church. Participants in the presentation will include Mauricio Vicent, author of the book, film director David Trueba, architect Norman Foster, and the founder and director of Ivorypress, Elena Ochoa Foster.

  • Hay Festival Segovia organizers announced today that they are now selling tickets for a third of the program of the 2014 edition, set to take place on September 20-28, on their website at 
  • The Segovia-based Festival will bring together authors, artists, journalists and thought leaders from Spain and from around the world to take part in a conversation  that will address issues like the challenges facing Europe, remembering the First World War, or the future of our cities. 
  • Chris Patten, Le Clézio, Clara Sánchez, Vargas Llosa, Pierre Lemaitre, Lord Desai, Elvira Lindo, Jorge de Habsburgo, Ángeles González-Sinde  and Miguel Ríos are just some of the top names that will take part this year.  

Vargas llosaToday the organizers of Hay Festival Segovia announced that they would be placing tickets for sale for a third of the program of the upcoming edition of the Festival, set to take place this year on September 20-28. Top guests who have already confirmed their presence include winners of the Nobel Prize for Literature Mario Vargas Llosa and J.M.G. Le Clézio; Clara Sánchez, a recent winner of the Planeta Prize; Goncourt Prizewinner Pierre Lemaitre; Chris Patten, Rector of Oxford University and UK politician;  US landscape architect and artist, Martha Schwartz; Prince George Habsburg; and writer and aristocrat Péter Esterházy.

Other participants in Hay Festival Segovia include Lord Desai, Santiago Gamboa, Javier Moreno, Elvira Lindo, Juan Bonilla, Ángeles González-Sinde, J.J. Armas Marcelo, Jorge Edwards, Santiago Íñiguez, Martha Thorne, Ignacio Martínez de Pisón, Luis García Montero and Miguel Ríos.

“We are happy to announce that early bird tickets for this year’s edition of the Festival are now on sale”, said María Sheila Cremaschi, Director of Hay Festival Segovia. “This way everyone who loves ideas and culture in Spain and worldwide can start planning their trip to Segovia for the end of September.”

This year Hay Festival Segovia will be holding activities in Romanic churches, palaces, gardens and other symbolic places, including the Alhóndiga (Corn Exchange) or the historic convent of Santa Cruz la Real, all in the world heritage city of Segovia.

As usual, the Festival will kick off with a reading, which this year will be taken from “El cielo ha vuelto (Heaven has returned)”, the latest book by 2013 Planeta prizewinner Clara Sánchez.

One of the key subjects of debate in the upcoming edition of the Festival will be the challenges facing Europe. On Saturday, September 27, Lord Patten of Barnes, UK politician, Rector of Oxford University,  former EU Commissioner for External Relations and former Governor of Hong Kong, will  be talking with the President of IE University,  Santiago Íñiguez de Onzoño, and journalist Javier Moreno about  “Innovation, Education and Europe.” The conversation will be presented by Revel Guest, President of Hay Festival of Literature and the Arts, granddaughter of Winston Churchill, and film producer. Moreover, economist and emeritus professor of LSE and member of the UK labour party, Lord Desai, will be talking about young Spaniards and Europeans in the 21st century.

hayfestival2014The year 2014 marks the centenary of the start of the First World War, which ravaged Europe and transformed the world. Hay Festival has organized a discussion between Hungarian writer Peter Esterhazy, grandson of the last prime minister of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Prince George Hapsburg, grandson of the last emperor of said empire. The discussion will be moderated by international relations expert, Arpad Von Lazar.

Another major theme that will be a focus of discussion at this year’s edition of Hay Festival Segovia is what the future holds for cities, at a time when construction methods and the problem of pollution are a hot topic. In the conversation on “Beyond bricks and mortar: landscaping, art and architecture at the service of habitable cities”, Martha Thorne, director of the Pritzker Prize and Vice Dean of External Relations at IE School of Architecture & Design, will be discussing this reality with international landscape architect and artist Martha Schwartz, professor at Harvard GSD and adviser on urban design issues to the London Mayor’s Office.

France will be one of the countries on which there will be a special focus this year, and will be represented by writer and Nobel Literature Prizewinner J.M.G. Le Clézio, who will be talking to Mario Vargas Llosa, who was awarded the same prestigious accolade.  Pierre Lemaitre, another French literary heavyweight who received the Goncourt Prize in 2013, will also be taking part in this year’s Festival.

This year Hay Festival will be renewing its agreement with the city councils of Segovia and Cordoba, thanks to which Le Clézio will also be appearing in the eleventh edition of Cosmopoética in the famous Andalusian city, after taking part in Hay Segovia.

About Hay Festival Segovia

Hay Festival Segovia is an international event dedicated to the arts, literature and thought, which has been bringing together authors and artists from around the world for the last nine years. More information at


Hay Festival Segovia anunció hoy la venta en su web  de un tercio del programa de la próxima edición, que tendrá lugar del 20 al 28 de septiembre en la ciudad castellana.

El Festival reunirá a autores nacionales e internacionales, artistas, periodistas y pensadores en una gran conversación que abordará temas como los retos de Europa, el recuerdo de la Primera Guerra Mundial o el futuro de las ciudades.

Chris Patten, Le Clézio, Clara Sánchez, Vargas Llosa, Pierre Lemaitre, Lord Desai, Elvira Lindo, Jorge de Habsburgo, Ángeles González-Sinde  o Miguel Ríos,  entre los primeros grandes nombres anunciados en esta edición.   

hayfestival2014La organización de Hay Festival Segovia anunció hoy la venta anticipada de entradas de un tercio de la programación de su próxima edición, que tendrá lugar del 20 al 28 de septiembre. Entre los primeros invitados, confirmados por Hay Festival, figuran los Premios Nobel de Literatura, Mario Vargas Llosa y J.M.G. Le Clézio; la reciente Premio Planeta, Clara Sánchez; el Premio Goncourt, Pierre Lemaitre; el rector de la Universidad de Oxford y político británico, Chris Patten;  la paisajista norteamericana, Martha Schwartz; el Príncipe Jorge de Habsburgo y el escritor y aristócrata Peter Estherazy. Otros nombres que intervendrán en Hay Festival Segovia son Lord Desai, Santiago Gamboa, Javier Moreno, Elvira Lindo, Juan Bonilla, Ángeles González-Sinde, J.J. Armas Marcelo, Jorge Edwards, Santiago Íñiguez, Martha Thorne, Ignacio Martínez de Pisón, Luis García Montero y Miguel Ríos, entre otros.

“Nos entusiasma la presentación de este avance de la programación del Festival. Esto permite a los amantes de las ideas y de la cultura en España y en todo el mundo que puedan organizar su viaje a Segovia a finales de septiembre”, subraya María Sheila Cremaschi, Directora de Hay Festival Segovia.

Este año, Hay Festival Segovia ofrecerá en esta ciudad, Patrimonio de la Humanidad, todas sus actividades en iglesias románicas, palacios, jardines y otros lugares emblemáticos, entre los que cabe destacar la Alhóndiga o el antiguo Convento de Santa Cruz la Real.

Como cada año, el festival abrirá el telón el 5 septiembre con la lectura de “El cielo ha vuelto”, la última novela de Clara Sánchez, Premio Planeta 2013.

Los retos que afectan a Europa será uno de los temas principales que se abordarán en esta próxima edición. El sábado 27 de septiembre, Lord Patten of Barnes, político británico, rector de la Universidad de Oxford, ex comisario de relaciones externas de la Unión Europea y ex gobernador de Hong Kong, conversará sobre “Innovación, Educación y Europa” con el presidente de IE University, Santiago Íñiguez de Onzoño y el periodista Javier Moreno. El acto será presentado por Revel Guest, presidenta de Hay Festival of Literature and the Arts, nieta de Winston Churchill y productora de cine. Además, el economista, profesor emérito de LSE y miembro del partido laborista inglés, Lord Desai, hablará sobre el futuro de los jóvenes españoles y europeos en el siglo XXI.

En 2014 se cumple el centenario del comienzo de la Primera Guerra Mundial, conflicto que asoló Europa y transformó el mundo. Como recuerdo, Hay Festival ha organizado una conversación entre el escritor húngaro Peter Esterhazy, nieto del último primer ministro del Imperio Austrohúngaro y el Príncipe Jorge de Habsburgo, nieto del último emperador de este imperio. El acto será moderado por el experto en relaciones internacionales, Arpad Von Lazar.

Otro de los grandes temas que se debatirá en Hay Festival es el porvenir de las ciudades, en un momento en el que los métodos de construcción y el problema de la contaminación están en el punto de mira. En la conversación “Más allá del ladrillo y del mortero: paisajismo, arte y arquitectura al servicio de ciudades habitables”, la directora del Premio Pritzker y vicedecana de relaciones externas en IE School of Architecture & Design, Martha Thorne, debatirá esta realidad con la paisajista y artista internacional Martha Schwartz, profesora en Harvard GSD y asesora de la alcaldía de Londres en temas de diseño urbano.

Por  otra parte, Francia será uno de los países destacados de esta edición y contará entre sus representantes con el escritor y Premio Nobel  de Literatura, J.M.G. Le Clézio, que conversará con el también galardonado por la Academia Sueca, Mario Vargas Llosa.  Además, otra referencia en el panorama literario francés, Pierre Lemaitre, Premio Goncourt 2013, participará en esta edición.

Hay Festival renueva este año el acuerdo con los Ayuntamientos de Segovia y de Córdoba gracias al cual Le Clézio, después de su paso por el festival segoviano, intervendrá en la undécima edición de ‘Cosmopoética’ en la ciudad andaluza.

Sobre Hay Festival Segovia

Hay Festival Segovia es encuentro internacional de las artes, las letras y el pensamiento, que reúne desde hace 9 años en Segovia a autores y artistas de todo el mundo. más información

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