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“Entrepreneurs”, by Eiso Kant

Written on May 28, 2015 by Roberto Arribas in Business, General

Article headed “Entrepreneurs” published today in “El Adelantado de Segovia” by Eiso Kant (Managing Director & Co-founder at Tyba )

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Eiso KantFor some, becoming an entrepreneur is a career choice; others simply stumble into it, while there are also those who’ve never really known anything else. Personally, I fall into the last camp, with my familiar story of programming since the age of 12. In 2009, we were three friends who’d moved from around Europe to study at IE University in Segovia – myself from the Netherlands. Several years into our studies, we started our company, Tyba. We connect talent with interesting job opportunities at exciting companies. Almost four years later, we are based in Madrid with a team of 30 people representing over 12 nationalities. We’re also active in 14 countries, working with over 800 technology startups.

Jueves 28 05 15 PAGINA IE UNIVERSITY ADELANTADO 1Most of us carry a “second brain” around with us – one that we constantly ask questions, orders our food, books our flights and gives us directions. Technology hasn’t just made life easier, it’s now an integral part of who we are. All of this has only been accessible to us for a few decades: the first iPhone was only released eight years ago next month, yet it has revolutionized the way we live. There have been several technological milestones in human history that fundamentally changed society – the Industrial Revolution being the most recent until the rise of the computer & Internet. Being an entrepreneur in tech lets you play a little part in shaping society. At Tyba we believe that we can use technology to help you find a job that you love.

And how does one become an entrepreneur today? Think back to the 15th century when Christopher Columbus came to Segovia to ask Queen Isabella to fund his quest to find India. If, today, you possess a desire to discover the unknown – to confront seemingly insurmountable challenges and to discover what others haven’t – what can you do? With the exception of the ocean and deep Amazon, we’ve covered almost every inch of this planet. So instead of jumping on a ship to sail the world, we can become adventurers by seeking out new markets and new solutions that can impact society, or use technology to radically improve the way we do things. Entrepreneurs today are the Christopher Columbuses of yesteryear.

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Tyba-equipo-Schruna-iTyba, the online recruiting company founded by three IE University alumni, has just closed a large investment round with an injection of $3.1 million. The news was announced today on Techcrunch, a leading blog on entrepreneurship around the world. The injection of capital is Tyba’s largest to date since its creation in 2011, and comes from initial investor Sunstone Capital, based in Copenhagen, and from a new investor, Impulse, a venture capital fund firm which forms part of the Kuwaiti Investment Authority (KIA), the seventh largest sovereign fund in the world. As a result Impulse has now joined the company’s board.

This latest round of funding comes just 11 months after the online recruitment platform announced a seed round of funding totaling $1.2 million, evidencing the rapid rate at which Tyba is making progress in the candidate hiring sector, helping them “find a job that excites them.”

Tyba, which connects and matches top international candidates with job opportunities at the world’s best startups and technology businesses, is currently the largest of its kind in Europe in terms of the number of firms on its platform. The company was founded by Eiso Kant, Jorge Schnura and Philip Von Have, while they were still students of IE University’s Bachelor in Business Administration. Tyba now has a workforce of 28 people from 16 countries, aged between 18 and 46 years old.

Jorge Schnura, Co-founder and VP of Tyba Users explained that the latest round of funding has consolidated Tyba as Europe’s largest recruitment platform for startups. “It has brought added impetus that will help the company achieve its long-term goal of fixing inefficiencies in recruitment processes.”

Izzat Abou-Amarah, CEO of Impulse, commented on his company’s investment in Tyba. “We at Impulse are keen to be supporting Tyba and its vision of a world where everyone can easily find a job that excites them. Over the past year we have seen first-hand how the company has developed the team, resources and attitude needed to make that vision a reality. Tyba’s team, technology and execution of key projects has impressed us and we are very happy to be supporting the company moving forward.”

Jimmy Nielsen Fussing , Managing partner at Sunstone Capital, also expressed his delight  at closing the round, adding: “Since Sunstone invested  in Tyba a little less than a year ago, it has already taken a huge step towards becoming the preferred startup recruitment platform in Europe. Today, more than five hundred startups trust Tyba to deliver quality candidates and that number is currently growing exponentially.” Nielsen Fussing underscored that fact that “Tyba has a natural curiosity that always challenges the Status Quo, which we believe is the ingredient for their success. We are thrilled to be part of the journey.”

Tyba currently boasts over five hundred startups in 14 different European cities on its platform – more than any of its competitors. Between August and September of 2014, it saw a 200% growth in month on month company registrations. This latest round of funding will help the company increase these figures considerably, with over 1,000 companies expected be signed up to the platform by the end of the year. 


Tyba is an online platform that is re-imagining the process of junior recruitment globally by connecting and matching the most suitable talent available with job opportunities at the world’s most exciting startups.

Founders: Eiso Kant, Jorge Schnura, Philip von Have

Founded: September 2011

Headquarters: Madrid, Spain

Total funding (to date): $4.7 Million

Investors: Sunstone Capital, Impulse (Part of the Kuwaiti Investment Authority – KIA)

Team: 28-person-strong team representing 16 nationalities, all between the ages of 18 and 46 years.

Tagline: Find a job that excites you



Impulse invests in cutting edge or high potential technology companies. The company’s strength lies in its dynamic and diversified portfolio that provides a broad array of technology solutions, establishing a platform that enables its portfolio companies to expand their operations in the MENA region.


Founded in 2007, Sunstone Capital is a leading European early-stage technology and life sciences venture capital firm. The partnership manages around €700 million in committed capital across seven funds. The technology portfolio includes companies like Blackwoodseven, Crate, Fame Analytics, GetYourGuide, Issuu,, and Neo Technology.

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Tyba, la plataforma de reclutamiento online fundada por antiguos alumnos de IE University, cierra una ronda de inversión de 3,1 millones de dólares

Tyba, la empresa de reclutamiento fundada por tres antiguos alumnos de IE University, acaba de cerrar una importante ronda de inversión de 3,1 millones de dólares. Así lo anunció hoy el portal Techcrunch, uno de los blogs referentes sobre emprendimiento a nivel internacional. Esta inyección de capital, la más importante de Tyba desde su creación en 2011, procede de los anteriores inversores, Sunstone Capital, con sede en Copenhague, y del nuevo inversor Impulse, fondo de capital riesgo perteneciente a la Kuwaiti Investment Authority (KIA), el séptimo mayor fondo soberano del mundo. Como resultado de esa inversión, Impulse pasa a formar parte de la junta directiva de la empresa.

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OTyba, a young startup founded by three IE University alumni, just closed an investment deal with Sunstone Capital, informed last Friday USA’s portal Techcrunch. Sunstone Capital is one of the main European venture capital agencies, and they manage circa €400 millions in assets.

Tyba, an online junior recruitment platform that allows students and recent graduates to showcase all their professional potential, opened its offices in September 2011. The enterprise was founded by three Bachelor in Business Administration students from IE University: Eiso Kant, 22; Jorge Schnura, 22 and Philip Von Have, 24, and already has a team of 14 people from 10 different nationalities. The enterprise foresees recruiting in the next months web developers from all around Europe and reach by the end of the year a 24 employees’ staff.

Tyba, having today 13.000 users and 400 enterprises registered in Europe, offers to the enterprises a platform that enables them to search, filter, organize and follow potential candidates in an easy, fast and convenient way with its innovative profiles. These do not only show the professional and academic career, but also they present intangible assets such as personality and suitability; which are of great concern in young recruitment.

2012 Awards:

Previous to this financial backing, Tyba won different international awards. In April, in Amsterdam, it won the public’s award, competing with the best 20 startups technologically oriented finalists in The Next Web Conference BizSpark Startup Rally. This award is a world showcase in which the best companies created by entrepreneurs are presented to an international jury and an audience of over two thousand people, media and investors from all over the world. Also, in May, it won the IE Venture Day Startup Competition being considered the best on the IE entrepreneurial community; and two weeks ago, it was one of the 10 winner startups in the Spain Startup & Inverstors Summit.

To see the new in TechCrunch :

Photo: Jorge Schnura, Philip Von Have y Eiso Kant


Tyba, startup creada por alumnos de IE University, consigue 1,3 millones de dólares del fondo danés Sunstone Capital

Tyba, joven ‘startup’ creada por tres antiguos alumnos de IE University acaba de cerrar una importante ronda de inversión con Sunstone Capital, según informó el pasado viernes el portal estadounidense Techcrunch. Se trata de una de las principales agencias de capital de riesgo europeas que gestiona unos 400 millones de euros en activos.

Tyba, una plataforma online de reclutamiento junior que permite a estudiantes y recién graduados mostrar todo su potencial profesional, abrió sus oficinas en septiembre de 2011. La empresa fue creada por tres alumnos del Grado en Administración de Empresa de IE University: Eiso Kant (22 años), Jorge Schnura (22 años) y Philip Von Have (24 años), y cuenta con un equipo de catorce personas de 10 nacionalidades. La empresa prevé reclutar en los próximos meses a desarrolladores web de toda Europa y alcanzar a finales de año una plantilla de 24 empleados.

Tyba, que a día de hoy cuenta con 13.000 usuarios y 400 empresas registradas en toda Europa, ofrece a las empresas una plataforma con la que buscar, filtrar, organizar y seguir a candidatos potenciales de forma fácil, rápida y cómoda haciendo uso de sus innovadores perfiles. Estos no solo muestran la trayectoria profesional y académica de los candidatos, sino también presentan intangibles como su personalidad y su idoneidad dentro de la empresa; factores de gran importancia en el reclutamiento joven.

TybaPremios en 2012:

Previo a este respaldo financiero, Tyba ha obtenido varios reconocimientos internacionales. La empresa ganó en abril en Ámsterdam el premio del público compitiendo con las 20 mejores ‘startups’ de base tecnológica finalistas en la The Next Web Conference BizSpark Startup Rally. Este premio es un escaparate a nivel mundial en el que las mejores empresas creadas por emprendedores se presentan ante un jurado internacional y un público compuesto por más de dos mil personas, medios de comunicación e inversores de todo el mundo. Asimismo, en mayo, en la final del IE Venture Day Startup Competition, la startup de estos jóvenes emprendedores fue considerada como la mejor de la comunidad emprendedora del IE y hace un par de semanas, en fue una de las 10 ‘startups’ ganadoras en el Spain Startup & Inverstors Summit.

Noticia en TechCrunch : 

Foto: Miembros del equipo de Tyba en la entrega de premios
del IE Venture Day.


TYBA, winner of Venture Day Madrid 2013

Written on May 29, 2013 by Roberto Arribas in Business, General, Highlights

TYBA explains how the company was created and how it feels to be the first undergraduate team from IE University to win first place at IE Venture Day.

Three fourth-year students of the IE University’s BBA program, Eiso Kant, Jorge Schnura and Philip Von Have were acutely aware of this and decided to create Tyba, an online platform for recruitment at junior level, where students and recent graduates can showcase their professional potential. Tyba, which opened its first offices in September of 2011, now has an eleven-strong team comprised of nine nationalities. The most gratifying part is that it is already starting to gain recognition.

  • Madrid-based Tyba  and Barcelona-based Marfeel are the first Spanish startups to reach the finals of the competition organized as part of the annual conference  of prestigious portal The Next Web
  • Tyba was set up by three students of IE University’s Bachelor in Business Administration. It is an online junior recruitment platform which permits students and recent graduates to showcase their professional potential.Tyba Alumnos IE University 2

On April 25 and 26 Eiso Kant (22), Jorge Schnura (22) and Philip Von Have (24), all final-year students of IE University’s Bachelor in Business Administration, will be in Amsterdam to take part in The Next Web’s 2013 Europe Conference. During the conference they will present their businesses alongside a further nine finalists of the TNW Bizspark Startup Rally to an audience of two thousand people, including media representatives and investors from around the world. 

The conference is organized by prestigious portal The Next Web, and is a key international event in the field technology start-ups. Last year’s event was followed online by over forty thousand people. 

Together with the other finalists, the future IE University graduates will receive tips and a critical overview of their presentation from international mentors, as well as having the opportunity to share their project with investors from around the world.  In addition to the two Spanish firms, the finalists included businesses from the US, Latvia, Netherlands, Estonia, Germany, Austria, France, Norway and the UK. Last year the best projects secured funding totaling over 15 million Euros. 

A startup launched by three IE University students 

Tyba is an online recruitment tool that permits students and recent graduates to showcase all their professional potential. Young people have been under-represented in the online talent recruitment revolution. Large firms receive hundreds of applications for every job they offer with CVs that are so similar that it is impossible to do an initial screening, and SMEs do not have enough clout to attract the attention of young candidates, and end up spending a great deal of time and money on the search for talent.

Tyba provides a platform where companies can search for, screen, organize and follow up on potential candidates, making it easy to gain fast access to candidates with innovative profiles. Candidates not only provide a description of their professional and academic achievements, but also present intangibles such as personality traits and what they can contribute to the firm, all key factors when it comes to recruiting young people.

 Tyba opened its offices in September of 2011 and now has a team comprising 12 people of nine different nationalities. It has obtained €240,000 in funding to date and is currently in the process of raising further funds with a view to expanding to new markets.

(Spanish Version)

Una startup creada por alumnos de IE University, finalista en Ámsterdam de una competición internacional de empresas noveles

  • La madrileña Tyba  junto con Marfeel, empresa ubicada en Barcelona, son las primeras startups españolas en acceder a la final de esta competición organizada en el marco de la Conferencia del prestigioso portal The Next Web
  • Tyba, empresa creada por tres alumnos del Grado en ADE de IE University, es una plataforma online de reclutamiento junior que permite a estudiantes y recién graduados mostrar todo su potencial profesional

Los próximos 25 y 26 de abril, Eiso Kant (22 años), Jorge Schnura (22 años) y Philip Von Have (24 años), alumnos de último curso del Grado en Administración de Empresas de IE University, participaran en Ámsterdam en la Conferencia “The Next Web Europa 2013” donde se presentarán como una de la dieciséis nuevas empresas finalistas del TNW Bizspark Startup Rally ante un púbico compuesto por más de dos mil personas, medios de comunicación e inversores de todo el mundo.  

Esta conferencia, organizada por el prestigioso portal The Next Web, es uno de los acontecimientos internacionales más importantes en el ámbito del emprendedeurismo tecnológico. Este evento fue seguido online el año pasado por más de cuarenta mil personas. 

Los futuros graduados de IE University recibirán junto a los otros finalistas consejos y aportaciones críticas a su presentación por parte de mentores internacionales y tendrán la oportunidad de compartir su proyecto y optar a financiación de inversores de todo el mundo. Entre los finalistas, además de dos españolas, se encuentran empresas noveles de EEUU, Israel, Letonia, Países Bajos, Estonia, Alemania, Austria, Francia, Noruega y Reino Unido. El año pasado los mejores proyectos lograron alcanzar financiación por más de quince millones de euros. 

Una startup lanzada por tres alumnos de IE University 

Tyba es una plataforma online de reclutamiento junior que permite a estudiantes y recién graduados mostrar todo su potencial profesional.

El reclutamiento joven ha quedado excluido de la revolución que constituye la captación online. Las grandes empresas reciben cientos de solicitudes por cada posición abierta con currículos tan similares que les es imposible hacer un primer filtrado. Las PYMEs, por otro lado, no tienen suficiente tirón como para atraer la atención de los jóvenes candidatos y, por ello, tienen que gastar mucho tiempo y recursos en la búsqueda de  talento. 

Tyba ofrece a las empresas una plataforma con la que buscar, filtrar, organizar y seguir a candidatos potenciales de forma fácil, rápida y cómoda haciendo uso de sus innovadores perfiles de candidatos. Estos no solo muestran su trayectoria profesional y académica, sino también presentan intangibles como la personalidad y la idoneidad del candidato dentro del empresa, factores de gran importancia en el reclutamiento joven. 

Tyba abrió sus oficinas en septiembre de 2011 y cuenta con un equipo de doce personas de nueve nacionalidades distintas y ha obtenido 240.000€ en financiación. Actualmente, está en proceso de realizar otra ronda de financiación para expandirse a nuevos mercados.

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