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Future of Higher Education Conference at IE University 

Leaders of world-renowned universities on the future of Higher Education. Interviews made at Reinventing Higher Education Conference on last May 4th where Rectors, Presidents, International Medias participated in a roundtable organized by IE University.

Participating academics included Vice-chancellor of Leeds University, Michael Arthur; Carlos Cruz Limón, Vice-President of Tecnológico de Monterrey; Werner Muller-Esterl, President of University of Frankfurt (Germany); Massimo Egidi, Rector of LUISS Guido Carli University (Italy); Zhongming Wang, Dean of Zhejiang University Business School (China); Bernard Ramanantsoa, HEC (France), Times Higher Education, Chronicle of Higher Education, QS…


IE School of Biology acoge el martes 11 de mayo, a las 11:00 horas una conferencia sobre el estudio y seguimiento ambientales en parques eólicos, que será impartida por el biólogo y consultor medioambiental Álvaro Camiña. La ponencia ha sido organizada por Patricia Mateo Tomás, profesora de Evaluación de Impacto Ambiental en 4º de Biología.

La conferencia en IE School of Biology versará, en base a la experiencia de ocho años en este sector, sobre las carencias actuales del proceso de Impacto Ambiental y en cómo solucionarlas. Así mismo, se profundizará en los seguimientos de siniestralidad posteriores analizando el efecto que este tipo de energía tiene sobre aves y mamíferos voladores, sugiriendo medidas correctoras que lo minimicen.

Environmental impact assessment and surveillance on wind farms  

Spain has become one of the world’s biggest producers of wind power. On the other hand, according to the European legislation, several projects, including wind farms, must be evaluated through Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). Once approved, wind farms must be surveyed to ensure the correct implementation of those measures recommended by the Environmental Impact Report. Bird and bat mortality due to collision with wind turbines is one of those aspects to be controlled at wind farms. However, this collision risk is difficult to assess both during the elaboration of the Environmental Impact Report and once the wind farm is working. Accordingly, clear instructions on this process are needed.

This talk will be about the current lacks of Environmental Impact Assessment, providing some instructions to solve them. Additionally, it will be provided information of bird and bad mortality at wind farms, analysing the potential effects and proposing mitigation measures. The talk will be based on a wide professional experience (i.e. > 8 years) in the sector of wind farm surveillance.

Invited speaker: Álvaro Camiña Cardenal 

He received his BSc. in Biology from Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain. He is currently working as environmental consultant for several wind farm promoters. He also works for several regional governments (e.g. Gobierno de La Rioja, Generalitat Valenciana, Junta de Andalucía) where had developed studies on raptors and big mammals. He is member of the most important international organisations on raptor conservation such as the Vulture Conservation Foundation/VCF in Europe, the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) in South Africa and the Raptor Research Foundation in USA.      Read more…


Viernes/ Friday. 12/02/2010 13.00 h. Construir en el lugar. Francisco Cifuentes, Palma de Mallorca ( Profesor Asociado de Proyectos y Dibujo, EAR-URV, Reus;  Adjunct Associate Professor of Architecture, EAR-URV, Reus). 

Francisco Cifuentes explains how those places in which only vernacular knowledge dictates how to build lead the architect back to the learning process. Because it is in tradition, in the secular cultural model, in everything rooted that is transmitted over generations, where the architect truly learns his/her craft. Cifuentes was born in Palma de Mallorca and studied in Barcelona. He develops the broadest part of his professional activity in the island, but his commitment to teaching and research make him travel mainland constantly. He studies the anonymous constructions and the historical monuments of Mallorca with the same attention and depth; he experiments and discovers new possibilities of construction with low-tech materials, as thermo clay blocks or cement beam filler blocks. 

He has been Finalist of the FAD 2007 Prize and has been awarded the First Architecture Prize of Mallorca 2004-2005-2006 (COAIB) for the Bunyola single family house. Cifuentes was selected for the Young Spanish Architects-JAE Exhibition 2008, he was the First Prize of Opinion and Honorable Mention for his communication in the Forum Arquia/Próxima 2008, organized by the Caja de Arquitectos. He is currently developing his doctoral research on the “Lonja of Guillem Sagrera” in Palma de Mallorca.  

El arquitecto Francisco Cifuentes, ponente en la IE School of Architecture

Francisco Cifuentes, una de las jóvenes promesas de la arquitectura española, impartirá el viernes 12 de febrero, a las 13.00 horas, una conferencia en IE School of Architecture bajo el título “Construir en el lugar”. La ponencia se enmarca dentro del ciclo “glocal: acting global, acting local”, que imparte una serie de jóvenes arquitectos de reconocido talento que realizan su trabajo desde muy diferentes lugares y enfoques, y que demuestran tener una especial capacidad para sintetizar con maestría un mismo par de opuestos: lo local y lo global. 

Francisco Cifuentes pondrá de manifiesto que los lugares donde el hacer popular sabe construir son los que devuelven el arquitecto al proceso de aprendizaje. Para este experto, “el arquitecto aprende verdaderamente su oficio en la tradición, en lo vernáculo, en todo aquello arraigado a la tierra y que se transmite generación tras generación”. Read more…



New session of the cycle “Glocal: Acting global, acting local” which coordinates the professor Laura Martínez de Guereñu

Guillermo Zuaznabar (San Sebastián, 1971), professor of Art and Architecture, will give a speech on Friday 22nd of January for the IE School of Architecture (at 17:15, in Refectory) under the name “Soil and Soul. Amerika, amerika!”. The Zauzanabar’s work which contains depth critic and reflection about the relation between art, architecture and the landscapes of the last 60 years, will be introduced in the cycle of conferences called “Glocal: Acting global, acting local”, coordinated by professor Laura Martínez de Guereñu, who will also meet during the next moths in Segovia with young architects, which are all sharing the enterprising spirit as well as the aim of the international projection of their works. Among many talented young people who will participate in this cycle, we can point out names such as Francisco Cifuentes, Emiliano López, Mónica Rivera and Kenny Cupers.

Nueva sesión del ciclo “Glocal: Acting global, acting local”, que coordina la profesora Laura Martínez de Guereñu

El profesor de Arte y Arquitectura Gillermo Zuaznabar (San Sebastián, 1971) impartirá el viernes 22 de enero una conferencia en IE School of Architecture (17:15 horas, Sala de Refectorio) bajo el título “Soil and Soul. Amerika, amerika¡”. La ponencia de Zuaznabar -que lleva a cabo una intensa labor de crítica y de reflexión estética en torno a las relaciones entre arte, arquitectura y paisaje de los últimos 60 años-, se enmarca dentro del ciclo “Glocal: Acting global, acting local”, coordinado por la profesora Laura Martínez de Guereñu, que reunirá en Segovia durante los próximos meses a jóvenes arquitectos cuyo común denominador es el espíritu emprendedor y la proyección internacional de sus obras. Entre los jóvenes talentos que participarán en este ciclo figuran, entre otros, Francisco Cifuentes, Emiliano López, Mónica Rivera o Kenny Cupers.  Read more…


veigaybarozziThe EBV architects will give a lecture at the IE School of Architecture on “GLOCAL: acting global, acting local” 

IE School of Architecture will host on Wednesday 13th of January the conference held by EBV architecs which will take place at 17:15 in Refectorio of the new academic program called “GLOCAL: acting global, acting local”. EBV architects is an architectural practice based in Barcelona and founded by Fabrizio Barozzi (Trento, Italy, 1976) and Alberto Veiga (Santiago, Spain, 1973) devoted to architecture, urbanism and interior design for both public and private sectors. The experience accumulated from the collaboration for years with renowned architects has allowed setting up a professional practice of high calibre, where design research plays a leading role. EBV architects has won numerous prizes in national and international competitions. Projects that stand out for their singularity include the Auditorium and Congress Hall of Águilas (Murcia), the rehabilitation of Santa Clara palace in the historic city centre of Úbeda (Andalucía) and the Headquarters of Ribera del Duero wine ruling board in Roa (Burgos). EBV recently finished the design development of the Philarmonie in Szczecin, Poland.

EBVEl estudio EBV, en el ciclo “GLOCAL: acting global, acting local” 

IE School of Architecture acogerá el miércoles 13 de enero una conferencia que correrá a cargo del estudio de Arquitectura EBV, dentro del ciclo denominado “GLOCAL: acting global, acting local”. La ponencia tendrá lugar a las 17:15 horas en el Refectorio.  EBV. Barozzi Veiga es un estudio de arquitectura situado en Barcelona y fundado por Fabrizio Barozzi (Trento, Italia, 1976) y Alberto Veiga (Santiago, España, 1973) dedicado a la arquitectura, al urbanismo y al diseño interior. La experiencia acumulada a lo largo de los años en colaboración con arquitectos de renombrado prestigio ha permitido a EBV comenzar una andadura profesional independiente donde la investigación tiene un papel principal. El estudio EBV ha sido galardonado ya con numerosos premios y distinciones nacionales e internacionales. Destacan por su singularidad los proyectos del Auditorio y Palacio de Congresos de Águilas (Murcia), la rehabilitación del Palacio de Santa Clara en el centro histórico de Úbeda (Jaén), y la sede de las bodegas de Ribera del Duero en Roa (Burgos) actualmente en construcción. Así mismo, EBV acaba de concluir la redacción del proyecto para la Filarmónica de Szczecin en Polonia.

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