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Law without Walls 2014

Written on April 29, 2014 by Roberto Arribas in Business, Law

BlIoKl7IUAA6I1zLawWithoutWalls 2014 Conposium was held on the 12 and 13 of April at the University of Miami School of Law in Coral Gables, Florida, where a number of legal technology projects were presented by students from the best universities all over the World. IE was represented in Miami by Ana Martínez Valls and Wojciech Zaluska, both students fron the Dual LLB+BBA Degree, who presented their final projects in front of several leaders of the legal community.

LawWithoutWalls is a part-virtual collaboratory course that develops the skills necessary to provide effective legal services in today’s global, multi-disciplinary, and cross-cultural marketplace. It centers on the intersection of law, business, technology and innovation. This award-winning course is pioneered by University of Miami School of Law and taught in conjunction with leading law schools across the globe including UCL Laws, Harvard Law School, Stanford Law School, Fordham Law School, New York Law School, Peking University (STL), University of St Gallen and University of Sydney.

The course explores innovations in global legal education and practice through weekly virtual classes and collaborative research. Students attended and participated in virtual classroom sessions and were grouped with students from other participating law schools to conduct a piece of research on an assigned topic. The topics were interdisciplinary and wide-ranging, looking to the future in their anticipation of changes to legal practice and education within a virtual landscape.

Students engaged during the course with leading practitioners and mentors from across the globe through weekly virtual mentoring sessions. Central to the course is the idea that students should engage with one another in person as well as virtually.  To that end, a Kick Off event was held at University of St Gallen in Switzerland last January for students and mentors to meet and prepare for the course.

This year, IE University also offered a second LawWithoutWalls program, “LWOW X”, in which our Dual Degree student Eric Cuevas took part. LWOW X is an all-virtual pilot program that offers the same components and benefits as LWOW, but makes use of technology to configure the program on an entirely on-line basis. In doing so, LWOW X seeks to make the benefits of LWOW available to a greater number of students. The universities that participated in the pilot were UCL, University of Montreal, Miami Law and IE University.


During the week of April 7-12, four undergraduate students and their advisor will be representing IE University at the annual Global Business Case Competition. The competition will take place at the University of Washington in Seattle, WA, USA. The GBCC has been taking place since 1999, and is recognised as one of the most challenging and respected case competitions worldwide. Ten other universities from five different continents will also be sending their representative teams, including Concordia University, the University of Melbourne and the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

The competition, sponsored by large multinationals such as The Boeing Company and Starbucks Coffee International, will give students the opportunity to meet new people, build relationships, and participate in a real-life case study and prepare a business recommendation. During the 48-hour case cracking period, the teams will not be allowed to contact with their advisor or with other teams, testing their ability to work under pressure and deliver a sustainable solution.

The team comprises of two 3rd year BBA students, Louis De Clercq and Ola Kvalheim, and two 4th year BBA students, Joséphine Kant and Serena Mujtaba. They will be supported by their case advisor, Sondos Abdelgawad, who is an Entrepreneurship professor at the University. The team has been preparing hard by reviewing past year’s cases and developing case analysis frameworks, but they will not find out the subject of this year’s case until the live kick-off on April 10th. This year’s competition will prove to be as challenging as the previous ones.

On April 12th the teams will present their case solution to a panel of five corporate judges, who will evaluate their recommendations. Four finalists will be chosen to move on to the final round presentation, competing for the prestigious GBCC Trophy. Previous champions include Concordia University and the University of Hong Kong. We wish the best of luck to the IE University team!



Online marketing has become a powerful tool for entrepreneurs and it is the subject which two renowned experts will talk about in the newest edition of the IEU Entrepreneurship Tal Series

IEU Entrepreneurship  is organizing #IEUtalkseries3 which will be focused on online marketing. Nowadays, for all entrepreneurs it is essential to have a strong background on marketing and more specifically on online marketing. Online world is a must on the 21st century and because of that we believe that IE Entrepreneurs should have the opportunity to master this topic. For that reason, we are glad to announce two marketing experts and entrepreneurs, Pedro Clavería and Joe Haslam:

  • Pedro Clavería is one of the most influential marketers all over Spain with a really strong background on marketing online. He has worked as the Business Intelligence Executive at Tuenti among other companies and he has created a new venture that has received more than 10Million Euro investment, Rocket Internet GmbH one of the world’s biggest couponing websites. In addition, his influence in Social networks has led him to have more than 110,000followers on Twitter.
  • Joe Haslam is one of the Irish entrepreneurs in Spain, being the chairman of Hot Hotels, he is also affiliate at Kauffman Global partner network and mentor at the IE Venture Lab. In fact,  he will be talking about Trillion Dollar Challenges- How exponential technologies enable small teams of entrepreneurs to do what was once only possible for government and large corporations.


What? IEUTalkSeries3 aboutMarketing Online

When? 1st of April- 18:30

Where? IE Business School, Maria de Molina 4, E-107

To confirm attendance:


(Spanish Version)

Herramientas digitales para emprendedores del siglo XXI 

El marketing online se ha convertido en una poderosa herramienta para los emprendedores. Dos expertos reconocidos en este tema hablarán en la tercera edición de IEU Talk Series que organiza el IEU Entrepreneurship 

IEU Entrepreneurship organiza los #IEUtalkseries3 que se centrarán en el marketing online. Hoy en día, para todo emprendedor es imprescindible un buen entendimiento del marketing y sobre todo del marketing online. Internet es un ‘must’ en el siglo XXI y es por ello que los emprendedores deberían tener la oportunidad de aprender más sobre este tema. IEU Entrepreneurship ofrece la oportunidad de escuchar a dos emprendedores expertos en marketing: Pedro Clavería y Joe Haslam:

Pedro Clavería es uno de los expertos en marketing más influyentes en España con una formación muy sólida en marketing online. Entre otras compañías, ha trabajado como Ejecutivo de Inteligencia Empresarial en Tuenti y ha creado un nuevo proyecto que acaba de recibir una inversión de más de 10 millones de euros: Rocket Internet GmbH (una de las webs de cupones más importantes del mundo). Además, su influencia en las redes sociales le ha llevado a tener más de 110.000 seguidores en Twitter.

Joe Haslam, un emprendedor irlandés en España, es el presidente de Hot Hotels; también está afiliado a la red de Kauffman Global Partner y es mentor en el Venture Lab de IE.  Además de hablar sobre los Trillion Dollar Challenges, Haslam explicará cómo tecnologías exponenciales permiten a pequeños grupos de emprendedores hacer lo que antes sólo estaba al alcance de los gobiernos y de las grandes corporaciones.

Para confirmar asistencia:


hult prize 2

Undergraduate students from IE University among the top 4 of the Hult Prize, Dubai

  • Four bachelor students of IE University were the only undergraduate students competing against experts with MBAs, Phds and Master’s degrees.

An IE University Team comprising students Stefan Wolf Staertzel, Victor Berthon, Pablo Otero and Carlos Beltrán, won a spot among the top 4 in the regional finals of the prestigious Hult Prize, the planet’s largest student competition in the field of social entrepreneurship, with a million dollar prize. IE students were the only graduates competing against more experienced candidates with PhDs, MBAs and a range of master’s degrees. They were also the only students under 22 in a final round in which the average age was 30 years old.

The Hult Prize, which received a record number of more than 10,000 first-round applicants, was created by Hult and Clinton Global Initiative to boost the development of social start-ups in the healthcare industry. This year entrants were required to focus on “Non-communicable Disease in the Urban Slum”, and more than 250 teams competed against each other in six regional finals in the cities of Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai, Shanghai and Sao Paulo.

The members of the IE University Team were from France, Germany, Venezuela and Spain, and aged 20 and under. They were also the only team in which all the members were from a business course. The four students met in the Bachelor in Business Administration program at the Spanish university and presented their project for the Dubai Final.

They won the first two rounds with “Cuidado Verde”, a project aimed at helping the 92% of slum-dwellers in Peru who do not receive a timely diagnosis for chronic diseases. In order to do this the team came up with a simple but innovative idea: a business that recycles the uncollected trash generated by the area to fund a free full annual check-up for its inhabitants.

“I think the Hult Prize was one of my greatest achievements so far in my life!” says Victor Berthon, team captain. “Being the youngest and the only team comprised of undergraduate students it was already a huge achievement to get to the finals, but ending up in the top 4 exceeded our expectations and showed that no matter how small we are, we can create an impact.”

Photography Credit: Marko Zirdum / Hult Prize

(Spanish Version)

Alumnos de grado de IE University, en el Top 4 del Hult Prize en Dubai

Los cuatro alumnos de Grado de IE University fueron los únicos participantes universitarios que compitieron junto a expertos con doctorados, MBAs o Másters

IEUniversityTeam_HultPrizeEl equipo formado por los alumnos de IE University Stefan Wolf Staertzel, Victor Berthon, Pablo Otero y Carlos Beltrán se clasificó dentro del TOP 4 de la final regional de Dubai del prestigioso Premio Hult, la mayor competición para estudiantes con proyectos emprendedores con un fin benéfico, y dotado con un premio de un millón de dólares. Los alumnos de IE fueron los únicos universitarios en esta competición en la que participaron junto a expertos con doctorados, MBAs o Másters. De esta manera, los estudiantes de IE University fueron los únicos menores de 22 años en una final cuya edad media se acercaba a los 30 años.

El Premio Hult, al que se presentan más de diez mil alumnos de todo el mundo, es una iniciativa de Hult y Clinton Global Initiative para fomentar el desarrollo de proyectos emprendedores sociales en el ámbito de la salud. Este año, bajo el tema “Prevención de enfermedades no transmisibles en suburbios urbanos”, más de doscientos cincuenta equipos se enfrentaron en seis finales que se desarrollaron en Boston, San Francisco, Londres, Dubai, Shanghai y Sao Paulo.

El grupo de IE University, compuesto por un francés, un alemán, un venezolano y un español, con apenas 19 y 20 años de edad, era el único además en el que todos los integrantes eran de económicas. Estos cuatro jóvenes se conocieron estudiando el grado de Administración de Empresas en la universidad española, y postularon su candidatura para la final de Dubai.

El equipo de IE University ganó las dos rondas previas con su proyecto “Cuidado Verde”, con el que se pretende buscar una solución a la falta de diagnóstico de enfermedades crónicas en Perú, país donde un 92% de su población padece enfermedades sin diagnosticar, un problema que se intensifica en los barrios más pobres.

Se trata de una idea sencilla pero ingeniosa: a través del dinero recaudado con la recogida y reciclaje de desperdicios se ofrece un chequeo completo anual gratuito a los habitantes del suburbio.

“Creo que haber sido finalistas en el Premio Hult ha sido uno de los mayores logros de mi vida”, asegura Victor Berthon, el capitán del equipo. “Llegar a la final con el equipo más joven, y el único en el que no hay nadie graduado todavía ya es todo un éxito; quedar entre los cuatro mejores superó todas nuestras expectativas. Demostró que puedes cambiar las cosas y que para ello no importa lo joven que seas”, añade.


Ignacio Cosido 1Salvador Carmona, IE University Rector, and Ignacio Cosidó, General Director of the Police Force, inaugurate this seminar that wants to contribute with IE experience in executive training 

Twenty police high officers will be trained in management abilities in the II Management Executive Course organized by IE University and the General Directory of the National Police Corps. IE University’s Rector, Salvador Carmona, and National Police’s General Director, Ignacio Cosidó, welcome the group of police high officers this Thursday January 23th, at 13h00, in the Sala Capitular of Santa Cruz la Real Campus in Segovia. These officers will learn executive abilities, entrepreneurship skills, management of both human and economic resources and behavioral sciences.  

This course, designed for those who command the most important units within the Police Corps, was created by the collaboration between IE, one of the best institutions in the world for executive education, and the General Directory of the National Police Force. More than twenty executives from the National Police chosen among the Chief Superintendents, Superintendents and Chief Inspectors take part in the course with professionals from the private sector as the Security Director of IKEA for Spain and Portugal, and Security Director of Deutsche Bank. 

The opening act will be hosted by the CNP’s (Cuerpo Nacional de Policía) General Director, Ignacio Cosidó; IE University’s Rector, Salvador Carmona; the Chief Superintendent of the CNP’s Training Division, Rafael Abeledo; and IE University’s Faculty Director, Luisa Barón.


(Spanish Versión)

Altos mandos policiales aprenderán habilidades directivas y emprendedoras en el II Curso Superior de Gestión en IE University 

El Rector Salvador Carmona y el Director General de la Policía Ignacio Cosidó inauguran este seminario que pretende aportar la experiencia de IE en la formación de directivos

Una veintena de mandos policiales se formarán en habilidades directivas en el II Curso Superior de Gestión organizado por IE University junto con la dirección general del Cuerpo Nacional de Policía. El Rector de IE University Salvador Carmona y el director general de la Policía Nacional Ignacio Cosidó inauguran el jueves 23 de enero, a las 13:00 horas, en la sala Capitular del Campus de Santa Cruz la Real de Segovia este curso, en el que un grupo de altos mandos del Cuerpo aprenderán contenidos relacionados con las habilidades directivas y emprendedoras, la gestión de recursos humanos y económicos y el comportamiento organizacional.

Este curso, diseñado para mandos que lideran las unidades de más envergadura dentro de la Policía, es fruto de la colaboración entre IE, institución de educación superior considerada una de las mejores del mundo en formación directiva, y la Dirección General del Cuerpo. En total, participan veinte alumnos de la Policía Nacional, todos ellos seleccionados entre los altos mandos del cuerpo con graduación de Comisarios Jefes, Comisarios e Inspectores Jefes de diferentes partes de España. Además, asisten otros profesionales del sector privado como el Director de Seguridad de IKEA para España y Portugal, y el Director de Seguridad de Deutsche Bank.

El acto de apertura contará con la presencia del Director General del CNP Ignacio Cosidó, el Rector de IE University Salvador Carmona, el Comisario Jefe de la División de Formación y Perfeccionamiento del CNP Rafael Abeledo y la Directora de Claustro de IE University Luisa Barón.

El claustro docente está integrado tanto por expertos de IE como por profesionales del cuerpo nacional de Policía; entre las materias que se impartirán destacan las relacionadas con el desarrollo de habilidades directivas, el poder e influencia en las organizaciones, la gestión de políticas públicas, la negociación , innovación y actividad emprendedora en el sector público, los comportamientos organizacionales y económicos, los sistemas de información, la gestión de recursos humanos, los aspectos presupuestarios, financieros y de control, la gestión de políticas de desarrollo urbano y la gestión de recursos materiales y económicos.

En total se desarrollarán cien sesiones; veintinueve de ellas impartidas por profesionales del cuerpo de policía y setenta y una por profesores de IE.

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