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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJoachim I. Krueger, Profesor de Psicología de la Universidad de Brown, impartió en IE University la conferencia “La psicología de la creatividad: Crecer a partir del conflicto y las restricciones”

El profesor de la Universidad de Brown Joachim Krueger impartió hoy una conferencia a los alumnos de IE University sobre creatividad y desde el punto de vista de la psicología. De acuerdo con este experto, la creatividad es una capacidad muy valorada por los efectos beneficiosos que tiene en la innovación artística y tecnológica. El profesor ofreció su visión de la historia psicológica de la creatividad y la resumió como una lucha frente a conflictos y restricciones.

Para entender la creatividad hay que preguntarse qué es exactamente y cómo podemos desarrollarla; y no es fácil hacerlo, indicó. Según este profesor “siempre esperamos encontrar respuestas fáciles y aprender, casi sin esfuerzo, la forma de fomentar la creatividad en nuestros alumnos; sin embargo, yo pienso que este concepto es más complejo, y es precisamente tan fascinante y tan digno de estudio porque no revela sus secretos fácilmente.”

En sus investigaciones, el profesor Krueger, experto en razonamiento inductivo en el contexto social, se interesa especialmente por los procesos de proyección social que determinan cómo y cuándo los individuos asumen que los otros se comportarán como ellos lo hacen. El profesor de Brown ha publicado varios libros sobre el tema y colabora en revistas como Psychology Today.




IE – Brown International Teaching Fellowship

Written on October 5, 2011 by Roberto Arribas in Arts & Humanities, General

IE University and Brown University are pleased to invite candidates from the humanities to apply for the International Teaching Fellowship (ITF) for the academic year 2012-13. The ITF provides the opportunity to teach in Spain at IE University in Segovia, Spain as a fellow of the School of Arts and Humanities. The fellow will also be affiliated with the Cogut Center for the Humanities at Brown University. The fellowship offers the opportunity to develop and implement innovative curricula in one of Europe’s foremost professional degree-granting institutions while also providing time for research and career development.

IE University is the undergraduate affiliate institution of IE Business School, based in Madrid. The IE International MBA is regularly ranked in the top-ten worldwide and its specialized Masters programs are recognized globally. The undergraduate program, launched in 2009, has been designed to bring the excellence of the graduate school to undergraduate teaching. IE’s undergraduate student body is extremely diverse, with no single dominant national or linguistic group.

IE University offers a unique liberal arts model of education in the heart of Europe, with an emphasis on small class sizes and student-faculty exchange. The School of Arts and Humanities is at the very heart of IE’s mission, as the courses it offers form part of all the undergraduate and postgraduate programs at the University.

In addition to the faculty life found within the University, fellows may also profit from IE’s connections to the wider academic environment in Madrid, including important libraries (e.g. Biblioteca Nacional), leading museums (e.g. Thyssen, Prado), Foundations (e.g. Juan March), Research Centres (e.g. CSIC), and neighbouring Universities (e.g. Universidad Complutense).

Fellows will join the IE claustro (faculty) to teach the equivalent of two courses in a blended seminar/lecture format.  The course curriculum should reflect the interests and strength of the fellow, as well as the pedagogical aims of IE´s undergraduate program; curricula will be developed in collaboration with the IE School of Arts and Humanities. Because of the diverse nature of IE’s degree programs, fellows will likely have the opportunity to teach either two standard, semester-length undergraduate courses, or one such class combined with short, structured courses in the graduate program. In total, the fellow will be responsible for 130 contact hours and no more than two curricula. The language of instruction is English and knowledge of Spanish is not required. More information about IE’s teaching structure as well as general information about the institution can be found on our 

For more information click here


Pegasus Founder Craig Cogut Delivers Inaugural Keynote on Brown University Campus 

Today marks the start of the IE Brown Executive MBA program which combines IE Business School’s strength in interdisciplinary management education and Brown University’s excellence in the humanities, social, biological, and physical sciences.  The institutions have been have been collaborating for two years and this Spring marks the beginning of their first joint program, which has been created specifically for the entrepreneurially-minded, globally aware, and inquisitive executive. 

“We’re living at a time of intense global change and upheaval, which presents great opportunity and also requires innovation and entrepreneurship for the well being of our global society,” said Craig Cogut, Brown University alumnus (‘75) and Founder and Managing Partner of Pegasus Capital Advisors, L.P.  “The advantage of studying liberal arts is the ability to speak and understand different languages, and I don’t just I just don’t mean English, Spanish, or Mandarin.  Music, art, and literature are also  languages that help you know the world. They teach you to listen, to hear, to see, to be flexible and creative, and most importantly, to learn from one another.”  The Cogut Center for the Humanities at Brown University, named in recognition of the generous support from Craig and Deborah Cogut, supports collaborative research in the humanities, focusing on interdisciplinary and comparative work across cultural and linguistic boundaries, and supports fellowship and grant programs, Brown’s distinguished visitors program, and regular campus events. Read more…


Leading private US University Brown and IE University are set to run an innovative summer program in Segovia for US pre-university students, aimed at introducing them to the world of business, humanities, international relations, communication and law, while learning Spanish. The course forms part of a collaboration agreement between the two institutions which includes a series of joint programs, student exchanges, and research projects. 

Course participants will be pre-university students selected by Brown University to undergo an intensive 3-week program designed to bring them their first taste of university life. Successful candidates will stand out for outstanding talent across different academic disciplines, despite their young age. Students will be aged between 15 and 17, and will receive classes in modern Spanish and EU history, cultural diversity, economy and art history in the mornings, led by IE University, together with a daily Spanish class. The afternoons will comprise three seminars focused on law and capital punishment, literature and censorship, and media arts, led by Brown University professors Corey Brettschneider, Allison Brettschneider and Ed Osborn, respectively. 

“The thing that is so interesting about this program is that students learn by working in a relaxed and pleasant environment, using the same methodology that they will find at university” explained Miguel Larrañaga, Vice Rector for Institutional Relations at IE University and one of the professors that will be taking part in the project. Other IE professors include José María de Areilza, Dean of IE Law School and Director of the Jean Monnet-IE Chair, and Begoña González Cuesta, Director of the Degree in Communication. During their time in Spain the students will also get to visit Madrid, Cordoba, Seville and Barcelona, with a view to getting a feel for Spanish and European culture. Programmed activities include visits to museums like the Esteban Vicente museum, the Prado, and the Reina Sofia. 

Brown University’s program director, Yolanda Castillo Appollonio, feels that “the most interesting aspect is that participants will be tackling a broad and highly diverse range of subjects that will help them to develop a better idea of the direction they want their university studies to take”, while Elena Lledó, academic coordinator of the Brown University study program, added that “These are forward-looking students who view the future from a highly professional perspective, guided by experienced and competent professors”. Read more…

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