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Viernes/ Friday 19/02/2010 13.00 h

Emiliano López Mónica Rivera Arquitectos

Un encargo público y un encargo privado 

Emiliano López. Assistant Professor of Architecture, ETSAV-UPC, Sant Cugat del Vallés. 

Emiliano López and Mónica Rivera develop their work turning constraints into opportunities. They find constructive and conceptual responses that are specific to each project and to each site, moving the attention to the value of the everyday life, the discreet and attached intervention within contexts, and to clarity of construction. Mónica Rivera was born in Puerto Rico. Emiliano López was born in Argentina and grew up in Barcelona, where they are based today and develop their main academic activity. They have built with equal success both public works and private commissions in urban compact contexts and open natural environments. They have recently finished the construction of the 4-star Hotel Aire de Bardenas in the south of Navarra, for which they have been awarded an endless number of prizes, the Young Prize of the X Spanish Architecture Biennial and the First Prize AR Awards for Emerging Architecture 2008 among them. Another recently finished public building matches in recognitions this private hotel. Their social dwellings for young people in Barcelona have been Finalist in the X Spanish Architecture Biennial, Nominated for the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture Mies van der Rohe Award 2009 and awarded the FAD Prize of Architecture in 2008. Emiliano López is also currently writing his doctoral dissertation on Harvard’s “Married Students Dormitories” by Josep Lluís Sert.

Emiliano López. Profesor Asistente de Proyectos, ETSAV-UPC, Sant Cugat del Vallés

El profesor Emiliano López impartirá el viernes 19 de febrero, a las 13.00 horas, una conferencia en IE School of Architecture bajo el título “Un encargo público y un encargo privado”. La ponencia se enmarca dentro del ciclo “glocal: acting global, acting local”, que imparte una serie de jóvenes arquitectos de reconocido talento que realizan su trabajo desde muy diferentes lugares y enfoques, y que demuestran tener una especial capacidad para sintetizar con maestría un mismo par de opuestos: lo local y lo global. 

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Martes : 16-02-2010. Segovia, Campus Santa Cruz la Real. Room :  Sala Capitular. Hour:  15.30 

IE School of Communication (IE University) invites you to the 26th meeting “Scientifics and professionals in communication  2009-2010”,  where Leila Fadel Iraq Correspondent for the Washington Post and and Ben Lando, founder and Iraq Bureau Chief of Iraq Oil Report,  will give a talk in English entitled “Warzone coverage of Iraq”.

Abstract: Leila Fadel and Ben Lando will give first hand accounts of their experiences as correspondents in Iraq. This talk will deal with managing  news coverage when there is so much risk involved, and when politics are still in development, and foreign oil companies are cautiously coming back into Iraq. 

Speakers :

Leila Fadel is an Iraq Correspondent for the Washington Post. She’s a former Baghdad bureau chief for McClatchy Newspapers. Leila won the George R. Polk Award for outstanding foreign reporting in 2007, for what the jurors called her “vivid depictions’’ of the military and political struggle in Iraq. Leila speaks conversational Arabic, having grown up in Saudi Arabia and attended high school in Lebanon. She spent 28 months in Iraq as the Baghdad bureau chief for McClatchy, her latest assignment in a series of Iraq tours for McClatchy and Knight Ridder that date back to 2005. 

Ben Lando is the founder and Iraq Bureau Chief of Iraq Oil Report. Ben was previously the energy editor at United Press International, reporting extensively on and from Iraq. He also served as UPI’s energy correspondent while based in Washington DC. Throughout his career, he has reported on energy, political and security issues in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Turkey, UAE, Jordan, UK and the United States. He is currently also the Iraq-based freelance reporter for Platts, and a freelance reporter for The Wall Street Journal and TIME. Ben has been published in The Washington Times, The Jerusalem Post and World Politics Review, and has given numerous expert interviews to BBC News, NPR, The Washington Post and other media outlets. He is a noted specialist on Iraq, and has consulted members of the U.S. Congress and global business risk and investment firms on a myriad of topics. Ben is based in Baghdad and travels frequently around the Middle East. He oversees a team of journalists and researchers based in Iraq, and throughout the world.


The Rector of IE University, Santiago Íñiguez de Onzoño, took advantage of the visit to the Segovia campus of the Education Minsiter for the Castilla y León regional authorities, Juan José Mateos, to announce the new degrees that the different IE schools will be offering for the  2010-2011 academic year. The University is launching a total of 5 new programs, all designed to meet the current needs of the labor market using a practical approach to achieve the innovative and creative spirit for which IE is known.

El Rector de IE University, Santiago Íñiguez de Onzoño, aprovechó la visita al Campus de Segovia del Consejero de Educación de la Junta de Castilla y León, Juan José Mateos, para dar a conocer los nuevos títulos de posgrado que ofrecerán las diferentes escuelas para el curso 2010-2011. Se trata de cinco nuevos programas que responden a las necesidades actuales del mercado laboral y cuentan con el espíritu innovador y creativo de IE, que responde a la metodología práctica que caracteriza a todos los programas de la universidad. Read more…


Viernes/ Friday. 12/02/2010 13.00 h. Construir en el lugar. Francisco Cifuentes, Palma de Mallorca ( Profesor Asociado de Proyectos y Dibujo, EAR-URV, Reus;  Adjunct Associate Professor of Architecture, EAR-URV, Reus). 

Francisco Cifuentes explains how those places in which only vernacular knowledge dictates how to build lead the architect back to the learning process. Because it is in tradition, in the secular cultural model, in everything rooted that is transmitted over generations, where the architect truly learns his/her craft. Cifuentes was born in Palma de Mallorca and studied in Barcelona. He develops the broadest part of his professional activity in the island, but his commitment to teaching and research make him travel mainland constantly. He studies the anonymous constructions and the historical monuments of Mallorca with the same attention and depth; he experiments and discovers new possibilities of construction with low-tech materials, as thermo clay blocks or cement beam filler blocks. 

He has been Finalist of the FAD 2007 Prize and has been awarded the First Architecture Prize of Mallorca 2004-2005-2006 (COAIB) for the Bunyola single family house. Cifuentes was selected for the Young Spanish Architects-JAE Exhibition 2008, he was the First Prize of Opinion and Honorable Mention for his communication in the Forum Arquia/Próxima 2008, organized by the Caja de Arquitectos. He is currently developing his doctoral research on the “Lonja of Guillem Sagrera” in Palma de Mallorca.  

El arquitecto Francisco Cifuentes, ponente en la IE School of Architecture

Francisco Cifuentes, una de las jóvenes promesas de la arquitectura española, impartirá el viernes 12 de febrero, a las 13.00 horas, una conferencia en IE School of Architecture bajo el título “Construir en el lugar”. La ponencia se enmarca dentro del ciclo “glocal: acting global, acting local”, que imparte una serie de jóvenes arquitectos de reconocido talento que realizan su trabajo desde muy diferentes lugares y enfoques, y que demuestran tener una especial capacidad para sintetizar con maestría un mismo par de opuestos: lo local y lo global. 

Francisco Cifuentes pondrá de manifiesto que los lugares donde el hacer popular sabe construir son los que devuelven el arquitecto al proceso de aprendizaje. Para este experto, “el arquitecto aprende verdaderamente su oficio en la tradición, en lo vernáculo, en todo aquello arraigado a la tierra y que se transmite generación tras generación”. Read more…


Tomorrow, February 9, Juan José Mateos, regional education minister for Castilla y León, will visit the IE University campus to see the latest advances made by the University.

Mañana martes día 9 de febrero, Juan José Mateos, Consejero de Educación de la Junta de Castilla y León visitará el campus de IE University para conocer los nuevos avances de la universidad.

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