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“Entrepreneurs”, by Eiso Kant

Written on May 28, 2015 by Roberto Arribas in Business, General

Article headed “Entrepreneurs” published today in “El Adelantado de Segovia” by Eiso Kant (Managing Director & Co-founder at Tyba )

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Eiso KantFor some, becoming an entrepreneur is a career choice; others simply stumble into it, while there are also those who’ve never really known anything else. Personally, I fall into the last camp, with my familiar story of programming since the age of 12. In 2009, we were three friends who’d moved from around Europe to study at IE University in Segovia – myself from the Netherlands. Several years into our studies, we started our company, Tyba. We connect talent with interesting job opportunities at exciting companies. Almost four years later, we are based in Madrid with a team of 30 people representing over 12 nationalities. We’re also active in 14 countries, working with over 800 technology startups.

Jueves 28 05 15 PAGINA IE UNIVERSITY ADELANTADO 1Most of us carry a “second brain” around with us – one that we constantly ask questions, orders our food, books our flights and gives us directions. Technology hasn’t just made life easier, it’s now an integral part of who we are. All of this has only been accessible to us for a few decades: the first iPhone was only released eight years ago next month, yet it has revolutionized the way we live. There have been several technological milestones in human history that fundamentally changed society – the Industrial Revolution being the most recent until the rise of the computer & Internet. Being an entrepreneur in tech lets you play a little part in shaping society. At Tyba we believe that we can use technology to help you find a job that you love.

And how does one become an entrepreneur today? Think back to the 15th century when Christopher Columbus came to Segovia to ask Queen Isabella to fund his quest to find India. If, today, you possess a desire to discover the unknown – to confront seemingly insurmountable challenges and to discover what others haven’t – what can you do? With the exception of the ocean and deep Amazon, we’ve covered almost every inch of this planet. So instead of jumping on a ship to sail the world, we can become adventurers by seeking out new markets and new solutions that can impact society, or use technology to radically improve the way we do things. Entrepreneurs today are the Christopher Columbuses of yesteryear.

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babson-group work 2El 16 y 17 de marzo,  la sede de IE University en Madrid ha acogido un grupo de 25 alumnos de Babson University que visitan España para conocer los cambios históricos, políticos y sociales ocurridos en los últimos cuarenta años en nuestro país. Estos alumnos, que proceden de diversos países, están en su tercer año de universidad. Babson University se centra en los estudios empresariales y sus alumnos se interesan en oportunidades y posibilidades emergentes, buscan ideas para colaborar con estudiantes de España y otras partes de Europa con el mismo tipo de estudios. Para promocionar esta colaboración, el grado en Administración de Empresas de IE Univesity organizó un almuerzo en el Student Hub de Madrid junto con una actividad para construir equipos entre los alumnos de Babson e IE University.


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babson-luncheonOn March 16th and 17th, a group of 24 undergraduate students from Babson College, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, came to IE University. Babson College, one of our exchange partners, is known for its innovative spirit and is ranked as one of the top undergraduate institutions for entrepreneurship in the U.S.  

While on their visit of 2 days, Babson students participated in various lectures that developed their understanding of the historical, political and societal changes that have taken place in Spain since its transition to democracy.  Professors from IE University and Business School, such as Gayle Allard, Josep Borrell, Gerardo Jacobs, and Miguel Larrañaga organized presentations to share their academic insight with our visiting students. Babson students also had the opportunity to visit IE Business School’s Area31, where they learned about the Startup ecosystem around IE as well as heard pitches from various entrepreneurs. 

One of the highlights over the two days was a joint Luncheon and Team-Building activity lead by Prof. Matthias Tietz that involved the Babson students along with a group of some of our best students at IE University. During the luncheon, the students had a chance to network and exchange perspectives on academics, business and world affairs. The students from both schools also had a chance to participate in a team activity titled “Exploring the Entrepreneurial Mindset” that allowed them to use critical thinking and creativity skills to develop and create products targeted towards specific customer bases.  It proved to be a great success, and both groups of students walked away from the event happy, enlightened and with fresh perspectives.  

IE University and Babson, together, are exploring future opportunities to expand our partnership and collaborative efforts. 



The students, from five different countries, are competing for the prestigious Hult Prize, based this year on a challenge set by Bill Clinton. The winning team will receive a million dollars with which to fund a sustainable startup.

hultwebIE University students will be taking part for the second year running in the prestigious Hult Prize, the world’s biggest competition in which students with social entrepreneurial projects compete for a prize of a million dollars.   

In last year’s edition of the competition, the IE University team, comprised of business administration students Stefan Wolf Staertzel (Germany), Victor Berthon (France), Pablo Otero (Spain) and Carlos Beltrán (Venezuela/Spain), was among the top 4 teams in the regional final held in Dubai. This year, the IE team has gained two more students,  Mauri Lahti from Finland and Elvira Luna from Spain, and are confident they will also classify in Shanghai, having successfully competed against experts with doctorates, MBAs and Masters to get this far.

The Hult Prize, which has received entries from over 20,000 students from 500 universities around the world, was launched by Hult and the Clinton Global Initiative to foster the development of social entrepreneurship projects in the field of healthcare. The prize affords young entrepreneurs worldwide the opportunity to innovate and change the way society views social initiatives. The teams of students will compete in five cities, working towards the same objective, that of winning a million dollars with which to fund a sustainable startup. The regional finals will take place on March 13 and 14 in the cities of Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai and Shanghai, the latter being the venue for the IE University team.

The 2015 Hult Prize will be focused on creating startups based on sustainability and finding ways to enable access to child education for ten million children under six years of age who live in the suburbs. In the words of the author of the challenge, former US President Bill Clinton: “The Hult Prize is about more than the solution to the problem, it’s about how the world has to work in the 21st century.”

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Alumnos de IE University participan en Shanghái en la mayor competición de jóvenes emprendedores con proyectos sociales

Los alumnos, de cinco nacionalidades diferentes, optan al prestigioso Premio Hult, impulsado por el presidente Clinton y dotado con un millón de dólares para la financiación de una start up de carácter sostenible

Alumnos de IE University participan por segundo año consecutivo en el prestigioso Premio Hult, la mayor competición para estudiantes con proyectos emprendedores con un fin benéfico, y dotado con un premio de un millón de dólares.

El equipo formado por los alumnos de Administración de Empresas de IE University Stefan Wolf Staertzel (Alemania), Victor Berthon (Francia), Pablo Otero (España) y Carlos Beltrán (Venezuela/España) se clasificó el año pasado dentro del TOP 4 de la final regional de Dubai. Este año, el equipo de estudiantes de IE – al que se han sumado dos alumnos más, Mauri Lahti, de Finlandia y Elvira Luna, de España-  confían en superar en Shanghái esta clasificación que fue todo un éxito dado que competían con expertos con doctorados, MBAs o Másters. Read more…



Un negocio de alquiler de baterías de móviles durante grandes eventos ha sido el proyecto que se alzó con el primer premio en la final de la tercera edición del Business Plan Challenge de IE University, una competición que permite a los estudiantes de primer curso de los campus de Segovia y Madrid desarrollar un plan de negocio y simular la creación de su propia empresa.

Uno de los puntos fuertes de IE University es potenciar la cultura emprendedora entre todos sus estudiantes, sirviendo de puente entre la universidad y la empresa. Este concurso se inscribe dentro de las actividades que organiza el grado de Business Administration para impulsar las buenas ideas de que son capaces de generar los jóvenes talentos universitarios.

El proyecto ganador, titulado “Revive”, fue presentado por los alumnos que cursan el grado en Administración de Empresas en el campus de Segovia Fredrik Blomberg , Alexander A. Endzweig, María Camila Forero, Adhira Isaac, Moritz Kisker y John Patrick Barbachano. Estos estudiantes, de cinco nacionalidades diferentes (sueca, española, india, alemana y estadounidense) proponen la creación de una empresa de alquiler de cargadores de smartphones destinada a los asistentes de grandes acontecimientos (festivales, eventos deportivos, etc.) y a los visitantes de centros comerciales. De esta manera, los estudiantes ofrecen con su empresa la posibilidad de “revivir” sus teléfonos a aquellas personas que se queden sin batería en grandes espacios públicos.

El segundo premio recayó en el proyecto “Linguapp” presentado por los alumnos Khalid Al Forzan, Miguel de la Campa, María de Santis, Aase Kathrin Jakobse, Carlos López y Gabriel Rivas, que estudian el grado en  Administración de Empresas (BBA) en Madrid. Por último, el tercer premio fue a parar a los alumnos del doble grado BBA&BIR Mateo Ariño, Marta Carillo, Elena Durazzo, Alejandro García, Eduardo Llobell, Maru Loscertales y Sofía Hirschbaeck por su proyecto “Lux in Peace”.

Impulsada por la dirección del programa de BBA en IE University, el Business Plan Challenge IE University tiene como  objetivos fomentar el intercambio de conocimiento entre los estudiantes, estimular la innovación y potenciar el espíritu emprendedor desde el ámbito universitario.

El jurado estuvo  formado por  Eduardo Losada Pinero (socio y director de 360 CorA EAFI), el empresario español de Comunicación Andrés Varela Entrecanales y Jorge Schnura, co-fundador de Tyba, que analizaron las ideas de negocio y valoraron las ideas factibles de salir con éxito al mercado.


rankingmarzoIE University has been ranked fourth in Europe and fourteenth worldwide in the 2015 ranking of universities by “Youth Incorporated” and “Education Times”, the education supplement of Times of India. The report was based on answers supplied by 9,000 international recruiters to questions about universities where they would be recruiting graduates, and the opinions of students and professors about their learning experience at some 1,600 centers of education around the world.

The international report places IE University third in the world for business programs, fifth for levels of satisfaction among recruiters, and eighth in terms of quality/price ratio. IE University also holds the No. 6 position worldwide in terms of innovation in teaching methodology and levels of satisfaction among students.

The majority of the top positions in the ranking are held by universities from the Anglo Saxon world. The US Universities of Harvard and Stanford, and the UK’s Oxford hold the top three positions. IE University is positioned at No. 14, having climbed 11 positions compared to the 2014 report, with a score of 91.5, placing it in the No. 1 position in Spain and No. 4 in Europe.

Criteria used to compile the ranking included job opportunities after graduation, innovative teaching practices, diversity of the student body, campus facilities, level of satisfaction among recruiters, and the price/quality ratio of the tuition fees.

More information:

(Spanish Version)

IE University, entre las quince mejores universidades del mundo según el ranking “Education Times &Youth Incorporated”

IE University es la cuarta universidad de Europa y la 14 del mundo en el ranking de universidades 2015 que publica la revista “Youth Incorporated” y “Education Times”, el suplemento de educación de Times of India. Este informe recoge las valoraciones de 9000 reclutadores internacionales sobre las universidades donde consideran que contratarán graduados y las opiniones de estudiantes y profesores de 1600 centros de todo el mundo de acuerdo a su experiencia educativa.

Según este informe internacional, IE University es la tercera del mundo en programas de Business, la quinta en satisfacción de los reclutadores y la octava en relación calidad/precio. Además, la universidad privada ocupa la sexta posición del mundo tanto en el apartado de innovación de metodología docente como en el de satisfacción de los estudiantes.

El ranking está dominado en sus primeras posiciones por universidades anglosajonas. Las universidades estadounidenses Harvard y Stanford y la británica Oxford ocupan los tres primeros puestos del informe. En la posición 14 se sitúa IE University, que asciende once posiciones con respecto al ranking de 2014, con una valoración de 91,5, siendo la 1ª universidad española y la 4ª de Europa.

El informe valora, entre otros aspectos,  las oportunidades laborales tras la graduación, la innovación docente, la diversidad del alumnado, las infraestructuras de los campus, la satisfacción de los reclutadores o la relación calidad/precio de los estudios.

Sobre IE University

IE University representa la extensión del modelo educativo de IE a la formación de grado y ofrece en su campus de Segovia y en Madrid una innovadora propuesta de titulaciones de grado y de postgrado. Cuenta con 1.500 alumnos de 90 nacionalidades y un claustro único integrado por cerca de 400 expertos nacionales e internacionales. IE University imparte grados oficiales en inglés y castellano en: Administración de Empresas, Arquitectura, Comunicación, Derecho, Psicología y Relaciones Internacionales.

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