Conference: Homo sapiens report: the Future of Humanity

Monday 29th November at 4.00pm at IE University Campus in Segovia. Refectory. Conference presented by IE University

The speaker will be Michael Wadleigh, well-known American film and documentary maker. Born in Akro, Ohio (US), his professional activity has mostly focused on independent cinema where he has enjoyed the praise of both critics and audience. Among its work, we can find the successful documentary on the Woodstock Festival, which became a symbol of American counter-culture and that won the Academy Award for Best Documentary in 1970. He has also directed documentaries around the figures of Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin and movies such as Wolfen. For the last twenty years he has devoted full time to several nonprofit educational-media organizations working mainly in Africa and Asia.

Michael Wadleigh will visit IE University to give a speech under the name of “Homo sapiens report: the Future of Humanity”. During the conference he will list some of the problems related to unsustainable development: in 40 years it will not be possible to enjoy the same kind of life that in the present and it will be much worse for future generations  as we will eventually run out of resources. Governments and private corporations are delighted with the idea of a 400% increase in the overall production. Their only plans in order to save resources are increasing the efficiency and recycling, but these measures according to reports on this subject would only mean a 10% of it all. These policies will NOT only damage the future of mankind, but they will also sign its death sentence.

El reconocido director de cine independiente y del género documental Michael Wadleigh impartirá una conferencia sobre la sostenibilidad y el futuro del planeta el próximo lunes 29 de noviembre, a las 16,00 horas, en el Campus de IE University en Segovia. Wadleigh se hizo mundialmente conocido al obtener un Oscar de la Academia de Hollywood por el documental Woodstock (1970) sobre el legendario festival de música que tuvo lugar en agosto de 1969 en Bethel (Nueva York), que reunió a cerca de 450.000 personas y que se convirtió en símbolo de la contracultura norteamericana.  Desde hace veinte años, este director estadounidense colabora con diversas organizaciones sin ánimo de lucro que trabajan para la comunidad educativa en África y Asia. En su conferencia, Michael Wadleigh disertará sobre sostenibilidad; en ella tratará los problemas relacionados con el “desarrollo insostenible” .


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